The 2015 Trip

_MG_2171Leavers 2 Leaders gives students an alternative to the traditional Australian concept of ‘Leavers’ revelry, and instead embraces the concept of ‘servant leadership’ and exploring the world we have been given through acts of service and understanding.

Preparations for the Leavers 2 Leaders Trip 2015 are now under way, making this the seventh year that students from Western Australian schools have travelled to the Philippines.

The program was originated by Southern Hills Christian College as an opportunity to build leadership traits within its students by travelling overseas and experiencing the cultural diversity that the Philippines offers.

Due to the great historical success of the trip, the trip has now expanded to include students from other schools in the state.

The trip will run from November 22 – Dec 5, 2015 following the ATAR Exams.  Students will return in time for their Graduation and Award Nights.

The program will expose the students to what life is like in a third world country and will challenge them both physically and emotionally.  However, it is our aim and purpose to use these experiences to allow the students to grow as individuals in a safe environment and inspire them to make a real difference in this world.

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