HOW AWESOME IS THIS? -Chenoah Holdsworth @ Datacom

Its been a number of years since Chenoah went on the pioneering trip for Leavers2Leaders, but she still remembers the feeling of giving something back to the Filipino people who have so little but remain so happy in life.

When the opportunity came up within her company, Datacom, to de-commission some laptops and give them away to a new home, Chenoah had a great idea – ‘I got in contact with my old teacher, Paul Beacham, to see if he could use them in the Philippines in some way.’

‘I still remember my Philippines trip really clearly,’ says Office Manager Chenoah.

‘It made me appreciate what I have here and I love the opportunity to be able to help in any way I can.  The team at Datacom have been great about all this.  Its really great to see this happen.’

The laptops are on their way to help in a community in the Visayas islands of the Philippines.  Thank you Chenoah and thank you Datacom for this awesome donation.

If you’d like to donate something to the Leavers 2 Leaders cause, or you know of someone who does, feel free to email us as

chen_1_for _newsletter

We’ll be happy to take it to the Philippines for you and let you know how it is being used.

The current needs for the November 2015 trip are:

– safety gloves (rigging gloves)

-safety glasses

– earplugs

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