Southern Hills Blog: 22 November Journal

Today began early; we left Perth and journeyed to Singapore. The flight was filled with many emotions; excitement, anxiety and anticipation. The groups from Swan, Ellenbrook and Southern Hills mixed all in bright green shirts mingled. Many people made new friends. This really added to the student’s spirits in what was to be in store.

After the first flight was over we all passed through customs then looked for a place to sit down, luckily we found a business lounge which had a buffet. Everyone dug in to the food, so much so that it needed to get refilled many times. Some of us dared to go outside where it was 33 degrees and very humid, though we didn’t last very long. After the food everyone was feeling quite refreshed and ready for our flight to Manilla.

By the time the second flight was over but the enthusiasm didn’t last long however, as energy levels lowered as the delays dragged on and the flights were longer than expected.  Sitting in Manilla airport waiting for the next flight to arrive was a long process of approximately 40 minutes.  However this was fixed by a few chocolate snacks and bottled waters. This gave the group a slight boost as we prepared for the last flight to Bacolod.

The final flight was stressful in the wait as we were held up on the tarmac for over an hour. However, a nice surprise was the flight time of under an hour. Grabbing luggage and travelling out of the airport to dinner was a breeze. On the way to dinner it was interesting to watch the others respond to different elements within this new society. Culture shock may have hit some just by watching of the traffic and seeing how we were received at the airport.

When we got to dinner we were pleasantly surprised by Ali who is Pastor Garry’s nine year old nephew, he sang and everyone was gobsmacked with the vocals that he produced however the speakers let him down a little bit. He could definetly go far if he ever got the opportunity. Meanwhile, our tables were getting filled with the wonderful chicken on a stick and BBQ pork which we all agreed tasted like heaven, it was definetly worth the wait and better than we had remembered. This filled everyone’s stomach before a well-deserved rest for tomorrow’s activities.

By Calvin and Zoe

3 thoughts on “Southern Hills Blog: 22 November Journal

  1. Thank you Calvin & Zoe for the update of your first 36 hours of excitement, anxiety & tiredness, now I can relax too, that the team are all safe & well. Enjoy the next day & keep cool.
    Love you Zac x

  2. Morning All,
    Great to hear that the long trip went ok! Enjoy the next few days.Love and best wishes to all on your journey. k

  3. Great to hear that you all arrived safely, albeit with a few delays. Time to kick back and relax before the real hard work begins. Enjoy your time in Bacolod.

    Love and best wishes to all Michelle xx

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