The Long Flight to the Philippines

We arrived at the Perth International airport to a sea of green. The locals could only stop and stare as the innocent parents wept over the departure of their beloved children. We were whisked away through the tedious border security officers with penetrative stares (and suspicious terrorist looks). The lovely five hour flight flew by, oh wait I meant literally, not figuratively, as it was a gruelling time filled with motion sickness and horrible food items.

We arrived at Changi airport, Singapore, and the quest for a Starbucks ensured, however it was in vain as we were graciously ushered into the Ambassador’s Transit lounge. The coffee was good, but alas it was not Starbuck’s coffee. We then departed once again for Manila, a three hour long trip in which we flaunted the in flight entertainment like it was a rasher of bacon on a Sunday morning.

As we arrived in the Philippines, we realized that it was a wondrous land of happy people, and somewhat crazy drivers. Our flight was delayed to Bacolod, and our weary, tired group took the time to recuperate and play some gripping Uno games, and some even succumbed to the aroma of sleep, napping on the chairs and the floor. We eventually boarded our flight, and what was initially a one hour trip, turned into an extra hour of sitting in the plane twiddling our fingers during an ‘air rage’

Our weary group eventually made it to Bacolod, in which we were greeted like superstars. The cameras flashed and people waved, we all boarded some… Interesting looking buses and made our way to the Chicken House, in which we discovered the Filipinos like to beep. A lot.

The food was fantastic, the karaoke scrumptious and the people truly remarkable. They call this the ‘City of Smiles”, yet we were the ones smiling as we headed off to bed. 36 hours off of 8 hours of sleep, we deserve this so very very much.


Taylah and Alex.

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  1. Glad to hear you guys all arrived safely!! Enjoyed the humorous account of your journey..well done!!….Looking forward to hearing what happens next 🙂

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