Ellenbrook Crew: Day 2

We started the day nice and early with breakfast at the church. Pastor Gary gave a presentation about the culture of the Philippines and its people.

After breakfast, we visited a primary school where we were flooded with children wanting balloon swords, animals and flowers. Chasing bubbles brought them so much joy, leaving us to realise Bacolod was definitely the ‘City of Smiles’. Visiting welcoming, Filipinos houses’ was heart breaking., especially being told that eight people live in a small space no larger than a single bedroom. Despite their appalling living conditions, the people have positive outlook on life, always having a ready smile. We were given a ‘buddy’ who was a local Filipino student. They shared so much about themselves, their culture, their families and their country. Strong connections were developed. Two activities that were set up for us were “Abandon Ship” and fire fighting. Jumping off a two-story ship was frightening for some people but an exciting experience for most. Fighting a fire was awesome and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dinner and karaoke followed which united the three schools with some old fashioned singing with the local people after a day of meeting, getting to know people and easing into a trip which will be mentally and physically challenging.

Lochlain and Maddison

3 thoughts on “Ellenbrook Crew: Day 2

  1. Hi Ellenbrook Crew,

    It is great to read your daily updates. I am very impressed by your balloon swords!
    Our class, 6.2, is reading all your entires as I type this, so know that we are praying and thinking of you.


    Mrs Freind 🙂

  2. Hi Ellenbrook Crew,
    I read your Day 2, it looks and sounds great. We are going to do a prayer for you today and for all the people over there. I hope that your last week is going to the best memory

    From Grace in 6.2

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