Swannies – Day 3

Hey Everyone!

We were up excruciatingly early this morning. We were ready to travel to our newest destination. After a delicious breakfast, we began our two and a half hour road trip to Sagay.

The fabulous trip contained lots of singing and dancing by the very talented; Emily Phillips, Mikayla Coleman, Hannah Benfield and Kirstie Hall.

The sights along the way were mesmerising and captured the hearts and the attention of the whole team.

Unfortunately, our road trip had to come to an end. The sad feeling was quickly replaced with feelings of excitement and happiness as we entered the beautiful city Sagay.

As soon as we arrived, we were whisked away to meet the Mayor of Sagay. April Slater and Mr Pitman saved the day by singing Waltzing Matilda for the Vice Mayor and governing staff.

After our visit, we were on the road again, but this time to a lovely lunch. We were treated to some lovely chicken, pork and rice.

After our bellies were filled, we got to ride in the Magical School Bus (A Jeepney/Filipino Bus) to the meet IRC Sagay Community. We were greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. We were taken on a tour of the community, and we were shown all the incredible work of SCEA including the Dangit facility (for drying fish), which has been built to first world standard and doubles as a muster point for natural disasters. The facility will provide work and food for many members of the community.

We were blessed to be able to interact with the community members and form lifelong relationships. Their hospitality and kind, loving nature touched the hearts of every single team member.

We had the opportunity to connect with the community through activities such as; balloon art, pipe-cleaner creations and fun with bubbles. After our phenomenal experience in the community, we were set the challenge of sourcing our breakfast for one week with a budget of 300 Peso ( approximately $10). We all completed our mission and had fun dancing to music and hunting for treats.

We returned home to a wonderful dining experience put on by the Mayor of Sagay. We enjoyed a grand feast and beautiful traditional dancing, performed by a group of young Filipino performers. Members of the team were offered the opportunity to learn a traditional dance using bamboo sticks. It was a memorable experience that will remain in our hearts forever.

Overall, today was a delight. We are all so very blessed to have this opportunity and we are looking forward to new adventures and challenges. We continue to learn and develop a better understanding of the world we live in. One of the biggest blessings so far has been how we have bonded as a team. We are looking forward to seeing how we grow over the next week and a half.

Mikayla Coleman and Emily Phillips










2 thoughts on “Swannies – Day 3

  1. It’s wonderful to read how positive and upbeat everyone is. Keep it up 🙂 Praying God’s protection over all of you.
    Also want to wish Chloe a very Happy 18th Birthday, we love you so much, Mum & Dad

  2. Wonderfully touching account of your “day 3″…great to hear how you are all bonding so well as a team! Sounds like you are all experiencing a trip of a lifetime and there’s no doubt so much more to come! …our hearts (as parents) are with you all each day xx Immerse yourselves and Enjoy!! 🙂

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