Southern Hills Day 4

Hey guys!!! Ashleigh and Deanna here 🙂

Today was a full on day! We have started our mission work in the community in Isabela.

We woke to a beautiful sunrise over the beach and gathered under the gazeebo to have our breakfast which we bought from the shops last night- some people’s breakfast was very interesting. Then we hopped on to the bus and headed into Isabela city where we all crammed into the back of a truck (with police to escort us) and drove out to the community to start our day.

We divided into groups to rotate through activities which consisted of Construction, Livelihood and Teaching. The construction group have started to demolish walls, tearing down the rotten wood walls and beams, knocking down the crumbling cement walls of their non-functional CR (Comfort Room is the term used for toilet) and prying old nails from the wood for recycling (the Nails might be reused). The Liveliood group spent the morning learning to weave little pockets. They were quick learners in the fine art. The teaching group spent time in the classrooms with the kids, playing with balloons, pipe cleaners and colourings, as well as educational aspects such as teaching them about Australia.

After lunch, which consisted of chicken and rice (again), we headed outside to play with the kids. They were taught soccer and ran around like crazy kicking the ball and were taught how to play tunnel ball, octopus and leaderball. And then it started to rain. It roared down on us but it didn’t stop the fun. We played soccer and footy in the rain, slipping over in the mud and getting drenched. Then the thunder and lightning started, very close to us, which added to the storm. We didn’t get the opportunity to wash our clothes in the dam because of the rain, so a few of us are running low on clothes and clean underwear!

We had dinner at a restaurant in Isabela, and yes, it was chicken on a stick and rice…again. For our night activity, we gathered under the gazeebo where we met Guru Steve and Guru Roddy, masters in the Filipino martial art Kali. We used bamboo (Arnis) sticks and learn patterns of attack and blocking, a few of us getting wacked by the sticks and hitting ourselves in the head (Ash in particular).

All in all, the day was a fulfilling experience and we all had the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a group with the influence of the Ati Tribe.



5 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 4

  1. loving seeing you all in action, especially Deanna.. Hoping you’re all having a great time.

    Lots of love
    mum (Erica)

  2. Great to see you all in action. I see you have you special brand of shorts and are working hard. 😀

    A really special time to be able to work with the Ati people. Just watch how they function as a community and be happy to join in and share with them.

    The pics in the rain look great. Everyone seems to be enjoying the rinse.

    Stay safe.
    God Bless

  3. Really enjoying the photos !
    Pleased to see your hair getting washed Ben Dawson !!
    Miss you lots
    Mum xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi everyone!

    We are all enjoying reading of your adventures over there. The photos are great as well. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time and keep up the great work! We look forward to reading more of what you will get up to in the next few days.

    God bless.

  5. Awesome seeing you guys serve! Keep up the awesome work!

    God Bless you guys. You’re in my prayers and thoughts!

    P.S. Eva I love you and miss you heaps. Stay safe xxxx


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