Swannies – Day 4

Happy birthday Chloe! Today marked the first day of our homemade breakfast. We feasted on Filipino cornflakes and toast, then packed our bags as well as our dirty washing (with soap!) and travelled back to our developing community. We were warmly welcomed back by the community with hugs and handshakes. We then did our washing the local way with not a washing machine in sight but our buddies by our side. With a cake of soap and a bowl of water we traditionally cleaned our clothes, everyone found that interesting.

After that we split up into 3 groups where we had the option to either paint a Comfort Room (toilet block) or clearing the land for future use. Working tirelessly for 2 hours straight (with a water breaks). Trimming plants in the hot and humid heat, red faced and dripping with sweat, we found this the most challenging part of the day. We were relieved when we heard it was two minutes to go! During our traditional chicken on a stick with pork and rice, we listened to Brother Bert’s compelling testimony; while great to hear, it was also very confronting.

Time to plough the field… with a water buffalo that is. Each member of the group took turns tilling the soil. Climbing into boats with slippery shoes we made our way to a shallow reef where we spent time looking for shells for the community to enjoy. During the time we spent valuable time bonding and making memories with our little mate Benji.

After heading back to our accommodation for a quick change of clothes we made our way to His Life Church. We praised The Lord with young Godly teenagers who we all found motivating and uplifting. After the service and many photos later we went to dinner and had a mini celebration for our birthday girl along with a beautifully decorated cake.

Ending our day with a relaxing debrief and swim by the pool with traditional Filipino treats.

~ Kirralee and Emily R

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  1. Thanks for all the great news and photos, team Swan! So good to hear of all the wonderful experiences you are having; work, food, fun, praising God, and sharing with others and each other too. We are praying for your continued protection, and continued blessings- both to be blessed, and to be a blessing to others 🙂 Awesome!

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