Southern Hills Day Five: Another Hard Day’s Work

Wake up and breakfast was at 7am this morning. Everyone was a little tired from the past few days but we were able to push through and start off our morning with a smile. We rode the bus into town where our police escort met us once again. We then took off in our big monster truck and rode across the rivers to the village.

Once we arrived in the village with the warm welcoming smiles of all the children we got straight to work. The three groups started our rotations of construction, weaving and schooling. The construction was to start from where we left off yesterday on the community hall/tribal meeting place, where we knocked down walls and ripped up 300mm of solid cement.

The schooling involved reading to the kids, playing enjoyable games outside and teaching them to dance. In the weaving class we attempted the art of making pencil cases which while complex on its own, was made extremely hard with the major language barrier. Lunch was again another amazing meal of chicken on a stick and rice, although we have become tired of it, it went down nicely.

After our meal we began the race of packing food bundles, containing rice, noodles and sardines, for the community to which we will be distributing tomorrow. Farming the sugar cane became our next mission. We left with our gear, a machete like knife called a bolo, our washing and backpacks towards the fields. Many of us exited the sugar cane fields with a few cuts and splinters.

Whilst this was happening some of us were pulled out to give ploughing the rice fields with carabaos a go.

We then relaxed by washing our clothes in the river with the help of some of the local children, a well overdue job for some. Once all our clothes had been washed we enjoyed a swim with the children, it was rather warm.

After finishing in the village we drove into town and got ready for some more chicken on a stick and rice YAY! This was followed by a fun night activity of a ride on a Philippino Pedi cab (cycling trike), with many stories to tell. After experiencing the Pedi cab ride, we jumped on trikes to Jolliebee for dessert. Next we travelled back to the resort for debrief and a well-deserved sleep.

We also wish that the other schools are enjoying their time at their locations as much as we are, as we near the half way mark and times are getting tougher. Ellenbrook and Swan.

Thank you to all the parents, friends and family who have left encouraging and comforting comments on previous posts, we are reading them each night and send our love back.

Nina & Callum.

8 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day Five: Another Hard Day’s Work

  1. Im happy everyone is having a good time. 👍
    The photos are excellent & the blogs every night, i have enjoyed reading what you are doing everyday, Thank you! ☺
    Awesome, i dont need a washing machine anymore, I have Zac, he will be an expert at it, by the time he comes home. 😀
    The team is having amazing experiences & learning different ways to live. Keep up the excellent work guys & have some fun on the way.
    Take care

  2. It is great to see all your smiling faces and to read that you are managing to overcome your tiredness and still enjoy yourselves. Keep up the hard work, you are doing so well and making us very proud.
    I am enjoying sharing your blogs, photos and experiences with my friends who all think that you are amazing young people.
    Glad to see that you are learning to do things without the aid of electronics or machinery!! 🙂

  3. The first thing I do when I wake is look for the blog 😄, keep up the beautiful smiles while you’re doing such amazing things. Proud of you all!

  4. So great to see what you all are doing. Keep up the good work. Even though we may not get onto the blog as often as we would like, we are praying for you every day.
    You are doing such amazing things you can be very proud of yourselves. Remember, when you feel the need to push through the fatigue that God is there with you every step of the way. Show His love to all you meet.
    Our love to the staff and we hope Ms Prnich is feeling better.

    Mrs Tidy and Mrs Scrivener

  5. What an amazing experience you are all having, I love reading your blog and looking at the photos every morning, its my favourite part of the day. What an amazing group of young adults you have all become.
    Good to see Conor doing his own washing, hopefully he keeps it up when he gets home!!!

  6. Great to see you all working so hard and enthusiastically…well done everyone! You are having such an amazing experience, enjoy every moment.
    Praying for you all xx

  7. Hope you are all having the most amazing time and making the most of this once in a life time experience! So proud of you all for choosing to do this!
    Hope you’re loving it Jayde! xxx

  8. Great to read about your adventures & hard work, awesome photos.
    Ashleigh your baby brother asks at least a dozen times a day…is Ash home now?
    Such an amazing life experience, have fun
    Lots of love from us all

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