Swannies – Day 5

When Mr Beacham told us we could have a sleep in until 7:30 everyone cheered although some of us were woken up by the pounding rain at 4:00am. After having to make our own breakfast with the items we bought two days ago, we piled onto Argie 2, (our designated bus for our stay in Sagay), destined for Purok Bangkal.

We were split into the three groups we formed yesterday, and once again the painters, (Mrs Thyer, Kirstie, Taylah, Mikayla and Emily P), were the “lazy” group who spent their time playing “pato pato manook” or duck, duck, chicken ( with the kidswe know it’s duck, duck, goose, but we didn’t know the word Filipino word for goose, so instead…). One of the other two groups slaved away in the sun hacking at massive logs for firewood and the other group immersed themselves in a pile of fish; cutting and gutting over a hundred.

We then indulged in a delicious lunch of chicken and pork dishes cooked by our third team, the stand out being Adobo which is stew of slow-cooked pork and chicken and usually served with rice. Those who were still awake played some local Filipino games with the kids while the rest took nana naps in the shade (having their photos taken unawares).

At around 2:00 pm we all headed out to the river to experience local fishing. It was interesting because they used cages of nets to catch the fish rather then rods and bait. We had fun diving down to search for the captured fish, with Hannah and Taylah finding 5 and 7 respectively and being named our groups fisher-women.

Going back to the hotel was fun as we were all soaking wet from the sea and we had less then ten minutes to get ready for dinner where we had yet another fabulous meal of chicken and rice… the after dinner arrangements we were to partake in a session of a local form of marshal arts called Arnis. We used sugar cane poles and learnt how to attack, defend and counter-attack with our partners before learning similar moves with our hands.

After dinner, journal writing, left over birthday cake and soft drink, we all fell into bed after another jam packed day of fun and amazing new adventures.

Hannah and Kirstie

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