Ellenbrook Crew: Day 6

Today started with an early morning wake up at 6:30 for breakfast at 7am. Group Two then headed off down to the school for the last morning of teaching. They enjoyed being a part of the feeding program at the school and assisted the parents with distributing the rice pots. Group One, on the other hand, had a different kind of morning. They went to the IRC and Pastor Steve sent us to the village to demolish one of the local’s houses, we needed to use the equipment we got from the IRC to start the process. Once we finished demolishing the house we had to collect sand and planks of wood to start some of the project, we only got to put in the main poles that were needed for the frame of the house.

At 12:00 we arrived back at Beulah Land for lunch and the food was delicious. At 1:30 we drove to the Elementary School and we were guided around the senior school by Pastor Ely and the school band was playing in the background. We got to learn how to play ‘Sipak Takraw’ which is a sport mixed between Volleyball and Soccer. Our whole group was then lead into the basketball stadium and were a part of the opening ceremony, where we were put on the spot to sing our national anthem. Many school students and locals gathered to see the game. The boys played basketball and volleyball and the girls only played volleyball. After all the games were finished we got to interact, take photos and made new friendships with all the school kids and locals. After, we returned to Beulah land for dinner, relaxed and prepared for our night activity at the local church.

At the local church, which is down the road from where we are staying, we got to experience the local delicacy’s such as chicken spleen, feet, intestines, frog legs and the one food everyone was dreading – balut – the 17 day old duck egg which is boiled. The egg contains a duck embryo. Two of our group members set the highest record for Ellenbrook Christian College: Nathan, who ate 10 eggs and Siobhan, who ate 4. When we arrived back at our accommodation, we relaxed and retired to bed.

Courtney and Ashleigh.

4 thoughts on “Ellenbrook Crew: Day 6

  1. I think I need to pray for your stomach’s, especially Nathan and Bon. That does not sound enjoyable. Great to hear that things are going well though 🙂

    Take care, stay safe and enjoy the experience 🙂

  2. Look forward to reading this and looking at the photographs every day, we are very impressed….But so glad I didn’t have eggs for breakfast today!!!

    Stay safe but enjoy the time there – it will be over before you know it, xxx

  3. Love reading about your daily adventures. Praying for strong stomachs & continued health for everyone x

  4. Hi Zac,
    Dad and I have had some trouble opening outside of the emails (and therefore commenting) on the blogs. Just wanted to let you know that we have been reading all of them and are glad that you are all having such a fun, challenging and rewarding experience.


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