Southern Hills Day 9: Lugaw

Mayoong Gabi! (Good Evening)

Today was a hard day for some and an enlightening one for others. We started the day off with a 1 km walk to the bus as some of our transport was taken away from us, following this exciting experience we had a refreshing cup full of Lugaw (rice and extra water) for breakfast. Lugaw is made in local slums to make their supply of rice last longer and feed more family members. Mr Beacham didn’t take our transport away and feed us Lugaw just because he hates us, he did it because today we lived like the locals and had a little glimpse into how they live every day of their life. Some of the Southern Hills students found this hard and one student even did water only fast for the day because she couldn’t just eat rice, while others found the experience enlightening and humbling.

After our amazing breakfast, we went to the local docks and tried our hand at scaling, filleting, de-gutting and drying Milkfish (Mullet) which was followed by a picturesque ride in the local fishing boats past fishing nets out at sea and following the beautiful landscape full of mountains, volcanoes and fishing villages.

For lunch we had another very appetising meal of Lugaw. Although this meal was a bit different as we visited local houses in pairs and sat down for a meal with the hosting family and were able to ask them questions and get to know a bit more about them and their lives.

In the afternoon we spent some time weaving placemats (which Josh and Rebecca got prizes for being amazing at) and then sat down to enjoy some exquisite dances by the local youth dance group whom invited the Southern Hills group to join them, which resulted in much laughter from the teachers and crowd and for some reason I’m not really sure they were laughing with us, and more likely at us.

Kendall and Claire gave beautiful speeches thanking the Tabao community for their hospitality and welcoming us into their big family, this was followed with some final time with the children and many balloon animals. Saying goodbye to Tabao was quite hard as many of the students had become close with both the local children and parents. Tears flowed, many gifts were exchanged, and our team started the trek back out to the bus then headed back to the hotel for an hour or so of rest & relaxation.

In the evening we went to a very nice local household who served us the best Lugaw yet and the boys played a bit of friendly basketball with each other before heading back to our accommodation yet again to clean our rooms and get ready to leave on the next chapter of our adventure tomorrow morning to the fabulous city of Bacolod.
Hope you guys are surviving without us!

From your good mates Joshua and Jade 😀

4 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 9: Lugaw

  1. Oh wow, well done everybody, bet you’re glad to eat something else today! So glad you’re getting to experience what their lives are like and how happy they are with so little. What a privilege to have these memories! Have a great time in Bacolod and special hugs and kisses for Nina and pastor Pete

  2. I miss you Nina and Dad. Can’t wait for you to come home, i hope your having a really great time.
    Oh yeah and i’ve been sleeping in Ninas bed, love you!


  3. so Ben (Dawson), we are planning a celebration meal for when you come home on Saturday. Rosie was wondering if you would like rice. We thought that was a lovely idea!!. We are missing our star player a football, thankfully we are still top of the table for Thursday night Futsal, probably because we got Moses to play for us. Anyway we are all looking forward to you coming home.
    By the way, can you mow the lawn on Saturday – its looking a bit long and none us know how to use the mower.
    Love you lots

  4. Glad to hear that those formative experiences just keep rolling into each other. It will be over before you know it so bore in and make it the best. Lamb rack for dinner, 27 degrees Celsius with comfortable South-Wester.

    Claire – Phoebe got the snip – no pups for her – and she made the most of the anaesthetic !!

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