Ellenbrook Crew: Day 10

The day of departure had arrived. After a 6.30 breakfast the ECC crew loaded their bags, fare welled the staff and clambered onto the bus. Despite the long, hot and bumpy ride, we arrived at the O Hotel in good spirits. Shortly after, Swan and Southern Hills joined us. All three schools proceeded to the boardroom to give a 20-minute presentation. Josh, Rachel, Lewis, Tenika, Rebecca and Nathan did us proud by delivering a detailed and sincere account of our experiences at Cabacungan.

Students were then treated to a well-deserved lunch at the local shopping centre. After lunch, the girls were transported to a day spa where they were spoiled to a choice of a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, massage or foot spa. Most opted for the hair wash and blow dry. The boys went for a hair cut, shave or massage. Everyone felt like a million dollars. It was then announced that the governor had invited us all to dinner. We wondered if that had been the main reason for the clean up! What a feast awaited us. The evening unfolded with a group of singers starting off the dinner with a couple of songs, then we enjoyed a show by the Maskara dance group. A splendid dinner and mock tails followed. After the meal we took to the dance floor. The band Zen was electrifying and Elorah, as well as two Swan girls, joined the band and sang. The students had a blast. It was wonderful to see all three groups dance and have fun together.

Ms Hay, J.T. and Mr Clift


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  1. Wow what a fun day and evening you all had.
    The pamper spa sounded great.
    Take care everyone and be safe xx

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