Southern Hills Day 10: Back to Bacolod

So today was day 10, We woke up at 7:15 (yay a sleep in) started off with a big breakfast (after the Lugaw) at a fellow missionary’s house. The house was surrounded by a stunning garden filled with inspirational slogans to deter the detrimental actions we produce on earth. Breakfast included a delicacy called P-ya ya which tastes just like pop tarts.

We then moved on from our picturesque Paradiso resort and travelled to Bacolod, where we then visited the Bacolod central mall which walking towards looked just like universal studios. We got to choose our own lunch having the choice of K.F.C, pizza hut or Jollibee. After we all finished our food the girls and guys split into separate groups – where the girls were able to go to a salon and get a choice of: A hot oil treatment, a foot spa, manicure-pedicure, body massage or a trim, whilst the boys got the choice of a haircut, shave or massage.

After getting pampered we came back to our hotel to be given our room keys and got changed to go to the VMA’s president’s house to be welcomed into a beautiful garden set up with a diverse buffet of traditional Philipino foods. WE had entertainment for the night which consisted of some colourful dancers celebrating the Malaska festival, after that we had a live band supplying us with amazing music to dance to and then giving Zoe, Ben, and myself (Tori) the chance to do some karaoke. We ended the night with a traditional song “it’s more fun in the Philippine’s” leaving us all in good spirits.


5 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 10: Back to Bacolod

  1. Hello here from Levi 4. To all teachers and students. Hope you guys are having a great time, and are enjoying the food. must be interesting living with the people. I hope the chicken fetus went down well, as well as the sleep. At least now you understand how to be grateful for what we have. Keep pressing on until the end.
    Anyway hope you guys are having a great time, prayers and all the best wishes from Levi 4.

  2. Hi everyone,
    You are having an amazing trip with so many new experiences, making new friends and trying new foods. It is great to see your photos of it all. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Enjoy your pampering and last few days in the Philippines.
    It will be good to hear more when you get home.
    Have a great day 🙂

  3. Wow I hope every one enjoyed the pampering!! Tori its great to hear you made it through rice day!! Enjoy the last few days and we will see you soon. Luv k

  4. Everyone looks like they are having an awesome time. We hope you all stay safe for the rest of your trip and we are glad you got to rest. We have been praying for you in our class. Love from year one at Southern Hills.

  5. Hi guys, love hearing about your trip. I hope the sickness doesn’t drag you down for too long, keep eating chicken on a stick and get well soon. Missing you Nina.

    Hi Dad, hope you get well soon. We miss you and nina.

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