Ellenbrook Crew: Day 11

It was a super early start to our day – 4.30am. We struggled out of bed and met in the hotel foyer at five o’clock. The buses were waiting to transport us to the ABS CBN headquarters, where we were guests on the Morning Show. Once we arrived, we were whisked away to be a part of the audience, whilst Rachel Fraser was chosen to be the student representative during the live interview by the hostess of the show. Once the program finished, we returned to the IRC Bacolod for breakfast; the first time since leaving for Cabacungan. Following the meal, we boarded the big red bus and headed off to Sum-ag National High School, one of the largest public high schools in the city.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by buddies, who presented us with necklaces and exchanged small gifts. We took a tour of the school, and watched a video showcases their achievements and what Sum-ag has to offer. The students and teachers from each school were introduced which was followed by various performances from the students of Sum-ag. The performances were outstanding as the use of colourful costumes and joyful dancing made it an enjoyable sight to watch. After a meal of rice, pork and chicken the students split off into different groups to teach the students of Sum-ag about the Australian culture. We taught them about Australian sports such as AFL and even taught them some aussie slang. After the short lessons, the girls gathered to verse the girl team of Sum-ag in volleyball. The combined Swan, Southern Hills and Ellenbrook team had an exciting game but were defeated by the students of Sum-ag. The boys soccer team, however, came one all to the boys of sum-ag. After all the gifts and performances by the Sum-ag in dedication to us, we decided to give back to them by making balloon animals for them.

Tonight we hopped on the bus to His Life church for a cultural night. While we ate the feast prepared for us, the school children performed some cultural dances on stage. Elorah and Siobhan sang “Silent Night”, and a group of carolers performed a harmonious compilation of various Christmas songs. A couple of Southern Hills Students shared their experience in Tabao as it was the first time a mission team had visited this town. Afterwards we got to view a small segment of the video our film crew had composed throughout the trip.

Rachel, Toni, Brodie


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  1. Hey guys, you are coming to the end of your amazing trip, two more sleeps!!!! 🙂 🙂 No doubt there are mixed feelings. We have loved seeing all your pictures each day; most days still smiling. It’s good to see you celebrating and having fun. Keep making the most of every moment and we will see you all Saturday morning. See you soooooooon Moo Moo xxxx

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