Southern Hills Day 11: Sharing Life

This morning was a ridiculously early wake up of 4am. This meant that there was a bunch of extremely tired students that had to look awake enough to appear in front of 10 million people of the Morning Show, on ABSCBN, a local TV station (we’ll try to have the footage for you shortly! A student and teacher from Ellenbrook were interviewed). After sitting there until 7am, and clapping on command, we made our way to our IKTHUS breakfast place. As always, it was delicious and filled our stomachs ready for a long day.

We then climbed upon our chariot buses and were led by horses (the bus engine) to our next destination, Sum – Ag National High School. There we were greeted by the banging of drums as we made our way past multitudes of screaming local students to meet our buddies for the day. With three thousand people crowding for photos, it got slightly hectic and most of us were separated from the main group and introduced to different departments of learning.

There was a lovely welcoming ceremony filled a mix of modern and cultural aspects that entertained throughout lunch. We were then split into groups of 4 or 5 and taught different classes about Australian culture (slangs, chants, etc.) After this, the boys went on to draw in a game of soccer while the girls battled it out in volleyball (while still failing) with the champion team of the school. After our final balloon tying session, the groups of extremely sweaty teenagers re-entered the chariots and proceeded back to the hotel for some showers and relaxation.

The whole team was treated to the most splendiferous dinner and entertainment while we got to say our final goodbyes to the ladies of SAO (Share an Opportunity) and team from His Life Ministries that we had gotten to know and love throughout our time in Tabao. We were able to give gifts to the local school run by IKTHUS and enjoy the fellowship and partnership between everyone involved in this trip. It was a fantastic way to end the evening and say farewell to those we have grown accustomed to having around.

Being young Christians is awesome but we are also at an age where we question things often; especially serious things like our faith. It’s times like these where our prayers to God changes from wants to things that actually matter. We’ve learnt to pray that our seeds of doubts in dull moments of our lives won’t fall into the fertile soil of our hearts. We pray that these seeds that grow into weeds won’t snuff out the life-giving plants that produce fruits of the spirit and nourish our souls. These are the moments we look back on to assure ourselves of the Lord’s presence and involvement in our everyday lives in an intricate way. We can’t imagine a life without God’s faithfulness and providence! That just would not be chill.

WE LOVE YOU JESUS! Thanks for always looking after us, we can always count on you xxxxx

Please continue to comment and pray as we prepare for the home stretch. We miss you all and are excited to see you all soon.

Beksie, Nins and Eva #dreamteam

Bek: hey again Family, I love you and miss you all. Wish I could have been there to put up the Christmas tree that I’m guessing you have already done. Can’t wait to see you all and eat some fruit again. Say hi to Anna and Ivan and Isabella as well as everyone at church. Xxxxx

Eva: Hey Mitch, I LOVE YOU.


4 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 11: Sharing Life

  1. Hi everyone, we are all enjoying the photo’s & the blog.!
    Hi Ash, we are missing you, hope you are having fun. Looking forward to you coming back.
    Lots of love Daniel, Aaron, master I & master K xxx
    Enjoy your last few days & have a good trip back. Big hugs
    Love Mummy xxx

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated each day with the blog & photos, it’s been great to feel part of your experience. Great dancing Mr Beacham!! Ben, we can’t wait to see you & hear all your stories when you get home. Safe travels. Love & prayers.

  3. Hi Ninnypoo, I saw you sitting there on the front row can’t hide that beautiful red hair! Please give dad a big hug because he’s still feeling sick. Looking forward to seeing you soon xx mum

  4. Looks like you have had a very busy time, wonderful to read your news. We continue to pray for you all, have safe trip home.
    Ben, very impressed with the haircut !!
    You have been missed heaps by us all, looking forward to seeing you
    Lots of love Mum xx

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