Swannies – Day 11

After an unforgivable early wake up call of 4:30AM we all boarded our buses and drove to ABS-CBN station to guest star on Phillipino breakfast show The Morning Show. Our very own Mrs. Thyer was interviewed on live television (we all had a stirring appearance as the studio audience). After the broadcast we all enjoyed breakfast at IKTHUS church.

We then travelled to Sum-Ag High School where we were warmly welcomed by our international buddies who presented us with colourful necklaces, keyrings and warm hugs. We toured the school all the while learning both about our buddies and the school itself. After an invigorating tour of Sum-Ag we were treated to a welcoming ceremony filled with colourful dances and talented singing items whilst eating a delicious lunch. Our teaching skills were put to the test when we split up into groups to teach a variety of classes (varying in both grades and sizes) about the wonders of Australia for around 45 minutes. Teaching hats off and sports shoes on we tried our hand at versing the Filipinos in volleyball for the girls and soccer for the boys. Needless to say both sports teams were very good and we didn’t come close to winning anyway.

After a much needed relax and chill time we all got dressed and headed to His Life Church for dinner. This was a time for all the schools to share their mission journey on a personal level one on one. We were treated to Christmas carols, speeches by the other students and the reuniting with Brother Bert. A sneakpeak of the video was shown which was an excellent and we look forward to seeing the completed presentation put together by the Filipino film crew following us around over our time here.

Emily and Kik

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