Combined Blog: Day 12

Today’s blog comes on behalf of all three schools, written by Taylah Silvestro from Swan.

It was a pleasant wake up this morning, the sleep in was very much needed. We lazily strolled down the stairs at 8, and headed off for breakfast at the IKTHUS church for a more ‘traditional’ breakfast of sausage and eggs, with rice as a Filipino twist. Feeling satisfied, we all boarded the bus for a rather long trip down to the Hot Springs. In no time, half of the Southern Hills bus was asleep with Kendall looking after two sleeping friends on the back seat.

The trip was long and tedious, however over on the Swan bus our two bladder pals did not need to stop for a restroom break (That’s you Hannah and Emily.P!). Despite taking the wrong turn and having to retrace our steps, we eventually made it to Mambukal Resort in relatively one piece.

There, we enjoyed the naturally heated river water that was above forty degrees celcius, heated by an active volcano. We could feel our muscles relaxing as the warmth of the spring enlightened our bodies, however it soon became a rather bit too stuffy, so we migrated like geese to the pool, in which we soon attempted to make a whirlpool in, with no success mind. Far above the pool, hundreds of fruit bats were settling in for their daytime nap.

We hauled gluteus maximus back to the hotel, another forty minute drive or so without getting lost this time. We had five minutes to quickly get changed and then went over to Robinson’s Mall for lunch. We each had P250 to spend on lunch, which did not go as far as we would have liked but satisfied nevertheless.

Depicting a more tourist-y look, we then had a thirty minute bus trip to the ruins of a rather old mansion. We had a quick tour, then a rather long debrief. We polished off our journals, and interviewed someone from another school, to find out more about their personal experience on the trip, which was a very good way to get to know a person. The ruins made a very lovely backdrop as the sun set, and the lights turned on with beautiful classical music playing behind the speeches given by the students who had previously gone on the trip, warning us of what may happen when we arrive back in Perth, besides a good nights sleep at last.

Dinner was at IKTHUS church, finally having vegetables some students rejoiced! D-Piddy (Mr Dave Pitman) told us one of his famous stories, and we watched the final cut of the film. A few laughs were exchanged at the videos, some tears shed, but all of them happy memories relived. We gave thanks to Pastor Gary, Mr Peter Chase and Mr Paul Beacham for their hard work and dedication to planning this absolutely amazing trip.

We are now back at the Hotel, being warned to get some sleep. The next day and a bit will be gruelling, as we must get up at 4 tomorrow for the flight, and will probably get 0 hours sleep between then and when we arrive on Saturday morning.

From all the schools (Ellenbrook, Southern Hills and of course, Swan) we say goodnight and see you all soon!

6 thoughts on “Combined Blog: Day 12

  1. Hi Everyone – Swan, Southern Hills and Ellenbrook. Great to hear that you are all well. Not long to go now. I hope that you all have had a fantastic and rewarding experience. I pray that you all have a safe return and that you all cherish the memories of your experience. God Bless 🙂

  2. Mr Beacham x2 Are you coming home on Saturday 5th December 2015 @05.20am as planned or has the flight changed as Sunday was mentioned in the combined Blog Day 12.

    Every blessing


  3. Great to hear that your last day was spent together as a group getting to share your experiences. Take care on the long flights home and we will see you at the airport ready to hear all about your journey. luv k

  4. Hi All
    Wow, what a great experience you have had. We have really enjoyed receiving the blogs each day. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved over this last ciuple of weeks. Have a safe journey home.

    To Josh Heath missed you heaps. but will see you when you arrive…….

    Ken, Coralie and Tayla

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