SCEA Global Improving Educational Outcomes for Island School


At SCEA, technology is a part of every day life for students and staff with computers, tablets, televisions and projectors found in almost every learning area.

However, for students on the island of Boracay in the Philippines, the donation of new laptops from a visiting SCEA team recently meant access to online learning, the beginning of software usage and enjoyable learning opportunities for staff and students at Global Academy Boracay.

The computers were generously donated by Australian ICT company Datacom, and the laptops will be distributed to classrooms at the small island school which has begun collaboration with SCEA in the areas of international education and teacher training.

“SCEA students have been travelling to the Philippines for more than seven years, but the concept of working together with a school in the island nation has only become a possibility this year as SCEA seeks to explore partnerships which pursue our vision of Christ-centred education,” said Mr Giles Creelman, SCEA Projects and Initiatives Manager.

“The Philippines recently enacted legislation that brings its education system in line with Australia’s National Curriculum standards by implementing the K-12 student model found in Australian schools.

“Global Academy has operated as a small international school for more than five years with over 100 students, and our partnership with the school gives SCEA staff have the opportunity to share resources with teaching staff abroad and learn more about how education is implemented in South-East Asia,” Mr Creelman said.

The trip was an inter-SCEA event, with attendance from Southern Hills staff Gavin Nancarrow (Principal) and Paul Beacham (Student Services), along with SCEA’s Giles Creelman (Projects and Initiatives Manager) and Association Board Member, Neil David.

The group met with local missionaries, visited a number of independent and government schools on the island, and also visited the local indigenous tribe and their school, which is fully funded by church groups from Australia and the USA.



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