‘Moncrieff’ ICT Company gives generously to SCEA Global recipients in the Philippines!


A chance meeting with Louis Moncrieff at a conference just a few weeks ago while waiting for a coffee to brew was all it took for his family business to see the needs of the Filipino people and donate brand new computers for the upcoming Leavers2Leaders trip!

Moncrieff is a longstanding ICT business (founded by father William Moncrieff) that sells handheld devices, laptops, servers and printers. Brothers William and Louis now run the enterprise with their father from a Victoria Park office that opened more than thirty years ago.

The Leavers2Leaders experience aims to give students direction, understanding of life outside of Australia and a renewed purpose for their future after school.

Upon reflecting on his own ‘leavers experience’ Louis remarked that he had ‘gone over to Rottnest, slept on a mate’s balcony and gone out in the boat.’ While it was something different from his normal life, Louis wishes that Leavers2Leaders had been around so that he could have seen life in another country.

‘I would definitely have gone on a trip like this. It sounds excellent to me.’

The Moncrieff family shares a love of computers, but they also share a love for the people around them – even for people in foreign countries who they may never meet!

The Filipino people who receive these computers will be using some of the latest technology to calculate operating budgets for their fledgling crab-meat business which now employs more than fifty women in local community of Purok Bangkal.

Local voluntary work Bert Armada’s enthusiasm for the new products was at an all-time high on hearing that he can now use a computer rather than the paper ledgers he had previously calculated with.

‘Who could ask for anything more? The kindness of people like this is hard to measure – I mean, how amazing is this?  What a provision for me, also for this work we are doing and for this community!’

The SCEA Global initiative is so happy to present these computers to Bert’s community and also to another rural community in Cabacungan and Boracay in two weeks time on their annual trip to the Philippines.

Thanks again, Moncrieff family!


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