Day 2 – Tabao and VMA

Day 2 was when we really began the purpose of the trip. First everyone refueled with a traditional Filipino breakfast of fruit, rice and corn beef. Next we loaded up on our buses and travelled to the coast. Here we met a community that we were partnered with. We rotated in groups to learn about their lives and were taught various skills, which included fish gutting, macramé and soap making.


We played and connected with the children, giving them balloon and pipe cleaner animals. Towards the end of our time in this community we gave out food parcels which we were able to do from our fund raising. We also gave out thank you presents for the Tabao Church volunteers.

Gauging by their warm smiles, it really felt like we had made an impact and a difference, and it was only day 2.

After lunch we hopped on board the buses again and made our way to VMA. This is a naval school where we met and connected with the students. We were taught fire fighting and water skills. The experienced instructors guided and encouraged us to jump from a 3-meter platform into a salt-water pool. While group one was doing this, group two was learning how to extinguishing a fire.

We ended the evening at VMA eating dinner, chatting with our buddies and singing good old-fashioned karaoke.

Everyone is really enjoying themselves, the singing on the bus is bringing us together.

Alissa David and Jack Oldfield

5 thoughts on “Day 2 – Tabao and VMA

  1. Kaitlyn, sounds like you and the team had a very eventful day. We hope you loved cleaning the fish 😂 Mum was talking to Jamie and Claire. They said Rupert and Laoghaire have gone away as well. Always miss those two ☺️ you to of course 😀

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time, playing with fish guts and big fire hoses and jumping in the swimming pool. hope you are enjoying the experience 🙂

  3. Alissa you look at home gutting that fish! Glad to see you smiling and enjoying your experience. xx

  4. Happy Birthday Lewis, hope you are having an amazing time and enjoying your day
    Love Mum, Dad, Brig & Molly xxx

  5. Hey Claire-Bear! Hope you’re having a fantastic time!! We miss you! Love Mum, Tom, Cassius and Chase. XXXX

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