Day 3 -Kids, Kids and more kids.

We have just survived our second day at Bacolod as it was a much more humid day than yesterday. Our first stop after brekkie was to Sum-Ag High School – a school of 4,000 students all smartly dressed in their uniforms. We were welcomed by squealing girls (when they saw our boys!) and smiling faces. After a small group tour of the school we were entertained by an amazing cultural mardi- gras style performance. The whole school was ‘shut down’ for the day because of our visit.

We were split up into groups and were assigned different tasks ranging from construction, painting, teaching and horticulture. The selfie plays a big part of their culture and we were swarmed by the number of students wanting to get selfies with their Aussie friends. A lot of us felt famous for the afternoon!

After our time there, we set off on our busses to an orphanage and day care in a less privileged part of town. Approximately eighty children ranging from three to about five years old, attend here, all taught by one amazing lady. They sang and danced for us and we were then able to hand out our gifts of books (thank you Mrs. Tidy) and toys. We ended our visit with making them balloon animals and swords, and pipe cleaner ‘creations’.

Pastor Gary arranged for us to meet with the Mayor of the City of Bacolod. This was a very formal event compared with the casual visits to our other locations.

After enjoying our last meal of chicken on a stick we returned to our hotel and headed for bed for our early morning wake up at 4am!

A note from me – (Jazmin Begley) I am sending all my love to my family. Hannah and I are having a fantastic time! We are missing you all and can’t wait to tell you all about our experiences and new friends. We have seen some crazy and overwhelming things that have made us realise how lucky we are back home. PS: Grandma, we are well and safe! Don’t worry! Love you all, from Jazmin Begley xxx

And note from me – (Carole Bowden), – we are so proud of our students here; our group has worked so well cohesively and taken every challenge positively … and for some those challenges have seemed like mountains at the start! We shared Romans 12:2 and we can see God has put them here for His purpose; they are being put through a transformation for sure. Blessings to all back home.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 -Kids, Kids and more kids.

  1. Looks like you are all having an amazing time. Loving the blog and all the photos so good to see all your smiling faces. Enjoy every moment even the challenges you are facing. Look after each other. Oh yes Ben and Daniel proud of you. Love Mum and Dad Yerby xx

  2. Wow, what an amazing time you are having…these photos are amazing! Ben, I can’t believe you jumped into the water the other day. Daniel, you now have no excuse…you are the chief fish gutter and so glad to see you get your ‘boogie shoes’ on with all that dancing! Stay safe and enjoy, love Aunty Deb xx

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