Day 3


Today we woke up and had breakfast at 7.00am, after breakfast we headed out to a high school called Sum-Ag there are 4000 students studying at the school. We got to explore and geez – the school (it was very big). They showed us there traditional dancing and after we joined in too. Despite not having a clue what we were doing the locals were very impressed with our dancing

Once we were finished at the school we set off to go to an orphanage to give children books and teddies. After handing out the gifts we went on to make balloon animals and played with the children. It was a great experience being involved within the community, to see the smiles on the children made it all worth it.


After an eventful goodbye at Sum-Ag we got back on board our special bus. Our bus trips are really interesting and full of chats with ‘pitty-cent’ (Mr Pitman). We shortly arrived at a government building in Bacolod. After a long delay in the waiting room, we were ushered into a conference room where we met the Mayor of Bacolod city and had many photos taken with him.

We then ate at a local restaurant, where we were served the local specialty, Chicken on a stick with BBQ pork and chillies before heading back to the hotel. Tonight is an early night to ensure a 6am wake up to leave for Sagay on time.

Out yo… (that’s Daniel speak for Goodbye)

 Isaiah Van Corler & Daniel Griffen

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