Day 4 – Sand, Sky and Sea

Hi everyone!

We had an extremely uncomfortable start to the day: 3:30am is when the majority of people woke up. Our flights were only an hour though, and we caught some Z’s then. Our first flight was from Bacolod to Manila, and then the second was from Manila to Cataclan, which is on the island of Panay. Our ten-minute boat ride to Boracay was slightly nerve-racking due to Ben, Daniel, and Mr Norman confessing to getting sea-sick, alas we all prevailed.

We are now staying at The Vista, which is run by the Boracay and Panay Island Ministries. It is a glorious set up, in a converted house with amazing views to the beach.

Our two hours of free time after lunch was taken up by most of us going down and playing in this beach. The water is warm and beautiful.

We all enjoyed an outrigger boat ride, which was promised to be dry, and we all came back soaked. Mr Beacham then surprised us with a 4 km LONG walk, stopping for a delicious dinner and then a milkshake (it was worth it).

Love to all at home, it’s going to be a good week!

Sarah and Mrs Bowden


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Sand, Sky and Sea

  1. Hey Dave and everybody else
    Looks like you are all having a fabulous time! Loving the photos and blog. We are missing you very much David….the house is very quiet without you xxx. Enjoy every minute. This is such an awesome opportunity xxx
    Loads of love from us all xxx
    PS…the bin needs emptying!

  2. Really enjoying your blog posts and loving the photos. It’s a fabulous way to keep us all connected while you are away. So great to see all of your smiling happy faces doing such great and wonderful things. Looking forward to the next update. Love and prayers to you all especially to B1 and B2 XX

  3. Love the photos and the blog. It sounds like you’re having an amazing time. Your definitely trying out all modes of transport getting around the Philippines!

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