Day 4

Waking up bright and early, packed bags and ready to head off, we began our two hour journey to Sagay. After a long morning of traveling on a hot bus we arrived in Sagay. Already exhausted, sweating and weary but filled with excitement we headed off to the community of Purok Bangkal where we were welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. While being given a tour of the community we all made lots of friends, and began to see the struggles within the different families. Our eyes were open to the dark reality of this community and the painful stories that make up the community. After the tour we played with the children and made lots of crazy balloons for them, which they loved and went crazy over, the joy that these balloons brought and the happiness that our presents created really tugged at our hearts. As we left for the day the kids followed us to the bus and waved us off already excited for when we arrive again tomorrow. It has been half a day at Purok Bangkal and already our hearts are aching for the community, as we prepare to spread some joy and learn more about the friends that we have made and discover more about the community.


As the evening came about the mayor had set up a very special dinner for us to enjoy, filled with delicious food and fantastic performances. The singing was amazing and the traditional dances were incredible. Us Aussies were then challenged to do the Chicken Dance (not our Australian version) and a crazy dangerous dance involving bamboo, which only resulted in one person falling over.


The day was exhausting and extremely long, but filled with excitement and enjoyment, heartache and love. So much to look forward to and a lot more to learn.


Missing all the aussies back home xo

Love Renae

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  1. Great to hear all you are doing and learning ! We look forward to hearing some more.
    – Mr and Mrs Holmes

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