Day 5 -A tale of two Schools

The morning started with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs and the best mangoes and bananas we have ever eaten. After finishing up we headed off to the BIG A the Boracay Island Global Academy school where we started the process of painting the outside of the schooled. Once we worked out which end of the paintbrush to hold we proceeded to paint both the schools and fair bit of ourselves. Later on we had comments asking if we were ok as some of us looked like we had weird skin conditions.

We proceeded to the jetty to travel back to Panay so that we could visit the Ati school, the main purpose of our afternoons whilst we are here. At first the students were a little reserved and shy but soon enough they were climbing all over us as the students from SHCC were transformed to gallant steeds and the kids joisted like knights of old. We spent time in the class tutoring with students one on one which has reinforced to us the importance of education particular in a third world country. It was awesome to see donated uniforms from Swan and laptops donated from Datacom in use. It was a poignant reminder on how much we have and how much we throw away that could help and benefit others. There is an ember developing in most of us to look at what we can do to further help those in need, hopefully by the end of the trip this has turned into an inferno.

Our time in Panay was cut short and we travelled back to Boracay where we continued to work on our painting process, the BIG A have a day off tomorrow as that was the day the school was founded, to help celebrate they had drumming, music and beauty pageant. Everybody thought this would be a great idea at school to have our own SHCC beauty pageant… most agreed however that it would be unfair as Mr Norman would probably win….

The night was capped of with an excellent dinner of either ribs or hamburgers at Tilapia & Chips run by another one of Mr Beacham’s friends, the meal was outstanding and you couldn’t complain about the company (mostly). Most of us are whacked now from the travel and nuances of another country, please continue to uphold us in prayers for safety, health and energy.

God bless…

Ben Yerby & Mr Norman


2 thoughts on “Day 5 -A tale of two Schools

  1. Beautiful photos with the kids you spent the day with! Yes, Mr Norman would definitely win the beauty pageant!! My class prayed for you guys (for health and energy, as it would happen) this morning. They are so keen to see what you’ve been doing each day. Take care of each other xx

  2. Hey Guys!!!
    Sounds like you are having an awesome time over there!
    Im so ridiculously proud of you all and all the hard work you are doing!
    Can’t wait to see you next week and hear all your adventures in person!

    Sending lots of prayers and love to you all!

    Hanna xx

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