Day 5 – Live like a local day

Today was lugow day, so we woke up to a bowl of traditional rice cooked which is like a chicken broth with small pieces of chicken served with a glass of water. Our groups split into two; one headed off to the groundbreaking ceremony of the new activity center, whilst the other group went to the local IRC community to do manual labour.

After the groundbreaking ceremony, group one went to the elementary school, where the students were allocated different classes to teach from primary to grade 6.

Group two were taken to a community in the mountain where they had to carry water in jerry cans up the hill to the new house under construction. This was a challenging activity as the jerry cans were heavy and the hill was steep and muddy.

After lunch both groups went back to the IRC and returned to the house under construction. We carried bricks and bags of sand to the construction site. Everyone worked together in high spirits. It took approximately 1½ hour to carry everything to the site. When this was completed we took turns to level the site. Then it was time to go.

We returned to IRC gathered up our washing and walked to the river to wash our clothes. This was a welcome task, sitting in the river enjoying the cool water. Once our clothes had been washed we went for a well-deserved swim in the beautiful spring.

Tonight we had the privilege of sharing a meal with a family from the local community. We were divided into groups of 4 with an interpreter, where we spent an hour sharing our stories. This was a confronting experience for us to see how the locals lived. We were shocked to see the poverty of these lovely people who welcomed us so warmly into their homes.

Gift Kiden and Rachel Russell

Sorry for the lack of photos today we have had some internet issues. We will try to post more from this day tomorrow. John Taylor

8 thoughts on “Day 5 – Live like a local day

  1. Lugow day! I bet you all thoroughly enjoyed that 😉 You are all doing fantastic work over there. I am sure that it hasn’t been easy, but it must be rewarding. I hope that you all continue to be blessed on this incredible journey.

  2. So many experiences already. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Katelyn it was national Fairy Bread day yesterday it’s ok I ate your share for you 😘

  3. It’s great you are all having wonderful and varied experiences and everyone is smiling in the pictures, I’m sure many parents have noted the washing clothes activity 🙂

  4. Well done everyone for experiencing a little of what it’s like for the locals. I’m sure all the parents continue to be proud of you and what you are doing. Lifelong memories.

  5. You guys look like you’re having an incredible time! All the best for everything you’re doing 🙂 Rach + Jack, it’s Mr Benn tomorrow so wish us luck :’) Won’t be the same without you though! But I know you’re doing amazing things over there. Love you guys, miss you all too xx

  6. Looks like you are experiencing the true Filipino life unlike a tourist visitor to the Philippines. Great photos showing the education facilities that the students use, three students to a desk looks a little crowded. Enjoy the experience and stay happy and healthy. Try Taho for breakfast if you are offered it is delicious and sweet.

  7. Im sure its very confronting and emotional to see such poverty but remember your being there truely is making a difference. Take it all in this experience should be chsllenging and life changing 😊

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