Day 5

Today was a very eventful, exiting and emotional day.

At approximately 5:30am, a group of keen runners went on a five km run around Sagay. They went with the man who is organising the work and community that we visit, Brother Bert.

Around 7:30 we headed back to Puroc Bangkal. After arriving at the community we got stuck into some work. Our group was assigned the task of refurbishing the fishing boats, this involved sanding and preparation for epoxy and then paint.

Some of the other groups completed activities such as, painting a bathroom block, digging drainage trenches, paving and the creation of a pit for rubbish. We also laid a concrete slab for a laundry area. We were all happy that we were able to do something that helped out the locals.

Later on in the day we all spent time with the younger kids. I was learning many different and interesting dance moves that the kids had mastered. At one point I had a queue of 10 or more kids waiting for me to pick them up and throw them into the air. The kids were some of the happiest and most enthusiastic people I have met, particularly one 12 year old who spoke better English than most Australian 12 year olds.

One of today’s highlights was having a ride in one of the small diesel fishing boats, we were taken out about 3km into the sea, our destination was a small island where we searched for shells and crabs. We also encountered two sea snakes on the island.

All of us were affected and upset by hearing some of the stories and issues that these people have, even witnessing the conditions that the locals live in was somewhat confronting.

Cheers, Dan(again)

One thought on “Day 5

  1. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you. What you are all doing is an amazing thing, this is real life and will be with you all forever. When work friends ask me what Ronnie is doing for leavers, they can’t believe it when I tell them that he is in the Phillipines helping under privileged people.
    A teenager has been arrested in a Bali nightclub for carrying drugs, others have been arrested down south for excessive drinking. Now look at what you’re doing. Good on you all!! Take care, stay safe and we will see you soon!

    Terry & Jo Dickenson

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