Day 6 – Wet, Wet, Wet

Brown out is a term that Filipino’s use to describe the temporary loss of power, power was off and on throughout the night startling those that had left their bedroom lights on at midnight when the power came on… We had another brown out during breakfast which has now progressed to a power outage, thankfully the Vista has a back-up generator which is a real blessing…

To say that we have seen some rain in the last 24 hours is an understatement, the only thing that has changed is the intensity, this did not stop us from working at the BIG A though as we managed to get there for some more painting today, we even managed to get some paint on the walls today not just ourselves. We have completed the colour coat on the outside of 4 classrooms and the prep of three classrooms as well as the primer in two of those prepped classrooms.

It has been awesome to wear our blue plastic rain coats and walk around like weird smurfs… It has helped us keep dry though whilst moving around which is the biggest challenge at the moment. Most of us really like the idea of a Filipino lunch break though as we had time to head back to the Vista and have some chill time after eating an awesome green chicken curry.

The afternoon saw us finishing off some preparation for painting the next day.

After returning to the Vista we started getting through the showers in an attempt to remove some of the paint. After freshening up we had “Yellow Cab taxi”   for dinner, they are serious pizzas with most of us only managing to get through a slice or two. After clearing away we went out for a massage, for most of us this was our first experience… some quotes afterwards were:

Jasmine – Oh my gosh that was amazing….

Stephen – Can I keep my socks on as my feet are ticklish…

Mr Norman – Once you are married boys you get a massage like this every night…

We are now all back and ready for a well-earned sleep, ready for another day for painting…

Loving you all…

David the Lori & Mr Norman.


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Wet, Wet, Wet

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying the experience. Love the size of the pizza do they do take away? Looking forward to hearing about the trip when you get back. Good to see you are working hard will have to line up a few painting jobs when you get back. Love you loads Ben and Daniel love Dad Yerby. ps think Mr Norman is not telling you the truth about massages!

  2. Love you guys all so very much xxx. We think you are all awesome xx
    Mr Norman is deluded about the massage thing….. Either that or he has a very awesome wife whom he should treasure very much!!!

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