Day 6

Today was a very challenging day; the rain and wind had stopped us from going into the community. All the students were very disheartened as we couldn’t get stuck into working and getting to know the children more, however, we soon found a solution which was to have a relaxing day with the scholars of IRC. Most of the day consisted of bracelet making, ball games in the pool (thanks Pitman for “accidentally” hitting me in the head), bonding and learning about the reality of what it’s like to live in the community. Safe to say there were lots of laughs and banter and we both feel truly blessed with such a good bunch of people to be on this trip with.

After a while of fun bracelet making and laughter we all decided to hit the pools on a fun filled game of ultimate Frisbee switching out the Frisbee for a ball. We both were extremely determined and we can safely say that we got into it more then the boys did and tackled more people then they did. We all had loads of fun and it was awesome to have R&R time particularly with the IRC girls. The girls here and the other scholars are inspiring with how dedicated they are to their studies, we often forget how lucky we were to have our education and have choice in what we want to do after school. The children and teens here don’t have a choice in what they do. If they don’t have an education, they are not presented with the same choices that we so easily take for granted. We have all seen and heard some of the pain and struggles of the people so every little bit we can do to make their lives that bit better is truly fulfilling.

At the end of the day we finished with a beautiful dinner and of course some karaoke, some with voices of an angel, others well… not so much, nonetheless incredible post dinner entertainment. Before bed each of us brought our weird food item bought yesterday and swapped food items. Some were lucky to get a sweet lolly but others may of gotten “cheese squeeze” or a liver of an unknown animal. Thankfully, no vomiting occurred but we’ll see what happens in approximately 8 hours… (see Appendix 1)

Overall, this trip thus far has been incredibly challenging emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Some days we’ve enjoyed thoroughly but with that comes a day where we struggle with what we’ve seen or just from pure exhaustion. Despite being tested day-by-day we all are continually learning and growing on this trip. We feel blessed, inspired, exhausted but determined to do more for the community.

Hope everything is good back home, miss you Kelly and John.

Don’t be having too much fun without me, miss you Nicola and Paul.


Love Flynn and Maddy.


Addendum (written by Mr Pitman)

Appendix 1. Teachers are not giving students unsafe foods to eat!!!

Also, some of the photos were taken at a visit to the Children’s Maritime Museum, with touch-pool and sea life exhibit, including the Giant anemone with movable tentacles and enlarged plankton (as modelled by the lovely Mrs Thyer).

2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Flynn voight aka Moe, loving the fact this is the longest time in history that your room has stayed clean . Win win all round . But there’s still 10 towels after 2 days so that must be your brothers .😜 Miss you too but just love that your giving back to this wonderful community

  2. Hi Mads good to see you having a great time and giving back. Yes we miss you too.
    The bathroom is still clean 🙂 your room not so much.
    Love you
    Mum and Paul

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