Day 7 – Foundation day

Zumba has never had such talent displayed on the island of Boracay. After arriving at the BIG A we were straight into some Zumba routines, Daniel has been signed up as a Zumba all-star and has promised to lead tomorrow mornings sessions. The plus side of our twisting, turning and general gyrating was that we were all limbered up for an epic session of painting.

Merianda was enjoyed whilst watching the continuing festival that was foundation day for the BIG A, today was a volleyball competition. It was great to see such community spirit as people from all over came to watch the game. We were invited to participate and we fielded our first five (David, Jake, Steven, Hannah & Claire Bear), the crème de la crème of SHCC that showcased the skills that Mr Yap has taught them, they won their first game and then we had to field our second five of bedraggled, talentless no-hopers (Mainly Mr Beacham and Mr Norman) and we relied heavily on the talents of Hannah, Jazmin and Alex B, the Filipinos were gracious in letting us win to escape with our pride.

Another taxi ride saw us back at the Vista for a spectacular 3 course lunch of soup, rice and pork and a rolled meringue. Lunch degenerated into a chili eating/ trying session, with many hilarious facial expressions exuded. We had time after lunch for a break and time to relax and recover before another painting session.

Heading back the BIG A we continued to work on the classrooms painting and cleaning where we had made a mess. After finishing the classrooms we hit the beach outside the Vista to do a natural exfoliation session to clean the paint off ourselves, some of us needed longer than others. The water was sensational and we could have spent all evening in there but we had a dinner date…

After heading back and doing a proper clean at the Vista we went out to Asya, a pretty spectacular place for dinner, the infinity pool, lookout to the ocean and villas carved into the limestone cliffs explains the $1000 USD a night bill if you should choose to stay here. Whilst we enjoyed the meal it has become harder and harder for some of us to digest the discrepancy between rich and poor, first world and third world. We are continuing to question and wrestle what is our place in all this is…

A particular highlight of the day was listening to Dan Beaver give his testimony as to how he ended up working as a missionary in the Philippines, he is an outstanding man that highlights what happens when you follow what God intends for you…

Love you’s all…

Daniel & Mr Norman

6 thoughts on “Day 7 – Foundation day

  1. We are enjoying reading of your adventures and experiences. And even though we only know a couple of you, we’re in awe everyone’s commitment.
    I’m sure we’ll hear many more stories when you return home.
    Thanks to all involved.
    Rod and Sue

  2. You guys are shining. I am sure you will be mixed between the feelings of sadness for those kids and the excitement of your awesome experience. The joy on your faces is an expression of the gift you receive from pouring in to the lives of others. Keep safe. It was great to know that you heard Pastor Dan’s testimony too.

    We are all extremely proud of you guys.

  3. It is hard to believe you left 1 week ago today and have had so many experiences in such a short space of time. We have loved your pictures and blogs and it is nice to see Alex smiling in them. We miss you Alex and look forward to you returning with all your stories. You are all are doing such an awesome job. Enjoy your journey. Love Mum and Dad xxx
    PS A big thank you to all the staff and support crew for giving this amazing opportunity to the students. A journey that will not be readily forgotten and will always remain in their hearts.

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