Day 7 – Stuck in the mud

Today was full of highlights and challenges. The morning started off at Ikthus Redeemed Community – IRC. We split into our five groups from ‘Live Like a Local Day’ and set off on the trucks to the markets around Cabacungan to sell the potato chips that Group 2 made yesterday. We ran around the streets yelling ‘Bakalka namit chips! Twenty-Five Peso!’ for about an hour and a half and we earned about 500 peso per group. (Equivalent to about $14 AUD.) We then travelled to two rural parishes run by Pastor Elly and distributed the food packs we made a few days ago. The smiles from the children as we made balloon animals and gave out stickers were contagious and the appreciation was visible through their welcoming nature.  This was definitely a highlight for many as we walked away feeling like we had made an impact.

After lunch back at the house, we went to IRC once again only to set off on the trucks to the rice paddies. Without hesitation, we all slid into the mix of mud and animal faeces and began to build the walls of the paddies. Many mud balls were thrown and brown handprints were visible on everyone’s clothes. Coach John (Mr. Taylor) told us that we were to get on the truck to do some more concrete and foundation work, but once we heard the deafening sound of the mesmerizing waterfall, we knew our true destination. With squeals of happiness and sighs of relief, we bathed under the falling mist, before heading back home to have some very much-needed showers.

We ended the day with delicacy night. We were presented with different levels comprising of simple BBQ Pork, intestines, chicken feet, chicken heads and finally, what we were all waiting for. Balut. For those of you uneducated in Filipino food, a ‘Balut’ is a 16-day old fertilized duck egg. We had some students break their personal record, some set an initial high score, but in the end, we came out with a champion for Ellenbrook Christian College 2016. Eating 12 Balut, we have Kellie Lamb!

All in all, it was a fantastic day and many experienced an amazing moment/s that will stay for them forever. We can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Signing off,

Siobhan Bateman and Kellie Lamb xo


8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Stuck in the mud

  1. Kellie Lamb, you are a star! 12 eggs, wow! Nathan, she beat your record by 2. The delightful food aside, bathing in the waterfall must have been wonderful. What an awesome way to end the daylight hours after working in the muddy fields. I hope you are all doing well, especially after seeing some of the faces in the photos while eating hahaha. Be safe and blessed 😊

  2. I think I would like to remain uneducated in Filipino food, congratulations on you all for trying it and to Kellie for eating 12 Balut. Love reading the blogs each night to see what you have been doing with your day.

  3. Good to see that you all had fun playing in the mud. Looked like not as much fun for some eating the delicacies. The waterfall and the smiles on the people in the communities look amazing. You are all doing a fantastic job. 🙂

  4. Love reading your updates everyday! It’s so exciting to hear about all the different things you are experiencing! Enjoy every moment!

  5. Really enjoying reading the daily blog, and seeing the photos. That waterfall looks amazing, and the look of determination on Casey’s face, working in the mud – makes me proud! That duck egg sounds interesting, how many did you eat Casey? None I bet! Take care everyone.

  6. Highlight of my day is reading the blog. Fantastic photos, your face is priceless Katelyn. You all are an inspiration to others . Stay safe 😘

  7. What a fantastic day. Alissa it looked like the truck was leaving with out you! Hope you had a lovely shower after that. Looking forward to seeing you balloon talents when you get back. Keep blessing those gorgeous children and keep smiling. .xxx

  8. What a star Kellie. So glad I wasn’t sleeping next to you after eating all those eggs!! The waterfall looks amazing.

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