Day 7

Today was “live like a local day” which means we ate lugow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lugow is a rice porridge made with rice, water and chicken. It was important that we experience “live like a local day” to have a better understanding of the food they eat on a regular basis. Today we realised that back in Australia we take for granted the opportunity to eat whichever food we desire and however much we want. This also involved walking to the village.

When we arrived at the community we had to enter through a different entrance due to excessive raining the previous day which led to an extremely muddy trail into the community where some of us had trouble keeping their shoes on, sinking in the mud or slipping over which was very entertaining.

One of today’s activities involved painting the toilet and shower facility named Sunlight of Dawn which was very therapeutic, another activity involved going out to the middle of the sea to a sand bar where we collected crabs and shells for the locals to eat. This was a really enjoyable experience as everyone was working together, laughing and having a wonderful time.

The students, leaders and teachers had the privilege to package food bags to give to the families in Purok Bangkal and went to two homes and gave them a freshly cooked dish of spaghetti and bread for their dinner.

The last activity of the night involved the traditional sport of the Philippines called “Arnis” which is a way of self-defense. We all took part and gained a lot of knowledge as to how to use a bamboo stick to protect our self.

It was quite a challenging day but also very rewarding as we experienced what the locals usually eat and do on a regular basis for survival. Where as in Australia you have never ending variety of what to eat and things to do. It was also exciting to learn the Filipino traditional sport, as most of us did not know that it was a sport practiced in the Philippines. We would rate today a 9/10 as many of us didn’t have much energy but still enjoyed the day.

Dominique Parsons & Kirralee Price

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  1. Hi, I’m Miranda, Mum of Bryce from Ellenbrook. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog tonight, you are all doing really well coping with different experiences in a different culture.

  2. Looks like “live like a local” means “get down and get dirty!!” 🙂 Wonderful to see all of you wholeheartedly mucking in to get the work done. So proud. Cannot believe you will home so soon. Make the most of the rest of the time, and enjoy time with all you meet, and doing God’s work. Love you all.

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