Day 8 – Farewell to Cabacungan

Sunday – The day we celebrate God. We celebrated in ways of our own with two separate church services, one at Ikthus Cabacungan Baptist Church and the other at Ikthus Redeemed Community Church. Mr. Taylor spoke at the Baptist Church and Gift confidently shared her personal testimony. Jack and Siobhan performed ‘Oceans’ by Hill Song and ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

After lunch at Beulah Land, we travelled to the IRC centre where we once again showcased our balloon twisting skills, played some form of AFL and laughed with all the children with whom we have built relationships. The service started with a band performance; then many of the community leaders thanked us for our contribution over the past week and the blessing we were to the community. After the service, we had a food distribution, many photos and a few tears.

It was a joyous yet sad atmosphere on the bus ride back home, where we   reminisced about our experiences with the children. We had a BBQ dinner on the lawn with all the staff. We had the opportunity to cook spring rolls and hotdogs.

We sang, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company before saying goodbye to Pastor Ely and staff.

Through God, amazing things happen. This was shown through Jack’s generosity. Jack brought his guitar with him on the trip, and he decided to donate his guitar to Pastor Day and Aunty Mayay, who own Beulah Land where we are staying. Later, we found out that the family had been praying for a guitar, which reinforced that we have been and will continue to make a difference throughout our trip.

Kaitlyn Jacques and Bryce Godfrey

9 thoughts on “Day 8 – Farewell to Cabacungan

  1. Hi everyone, as much as I hope you have been a blessing to the community in Cabacungan, I hope even more that their hospitality and love has impacted you. Thank you for sharing with them and experiencing what their lives have to offer you. I am sure that you have many happy memories. As you head back to Bacolod, reflect on your journey so far and know that you can bless us all, back at home, with your reflections when you return. Love and blessings to you all.

  2. Fantastic mountain in the background, it is great that you have all made a difference to the communities you have visited. What a beautiful gesture from Jack to donate his guitar. Now that spring rolls have been mastered we will be expecting them at home Bryce.

  3. I am in two minds – I’m glad you are all starting the journey home but also quite sad that your time there is coming to an end! Hopefully the experience has been what you expected it to be, if not even better!

  4. Can’t believe your fantastic journey is nearly over. Loving the photos. Keep having fun. Very generous of you Jack to donate your guitar. I’m sure it will be very much appreciated.

  5. Wow can see some emotional days coming up. It would be hard to leave such a beautiful place and people, that I know you sure have made an impression on. Enjoy the journey and remember even great experiences have to come to an end to make room for other greater experiences to happen.

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