Day 8 – Live like a local

Live like a local day is meant to give us a chance to put ourselves in the shoes of a Filipino for the day. All was not lost though as Amy our Filipino host goes out of her way to make everything special for us, the rice porridge (Lugaw) was laden with chicken and flavours that were sensational. We were prepared for a day of walking to our destinations however; Amy came to our rescue again ordering us a multi-cab to get to the port to catch the ferry back to Panay.

We enjoyed a church service at Malay Gospel Christina Fellowship.  We were welcomed with open arms by the small congregation and joined in when we could. Pastor Peter gave a message about families and whilst that was great to hear it caused a few pangs of homesickness.

Coach Clod Tiamson is one of the outreach co-ordinators for First Love Ministries to the Ati tribes in the area, he is a fantastic, energetic man and it is hard not to be caught up with his enthusiasm. He jumped on our bus with a load of shoes that he had collected for the men of the Ati tribe; it is so inspiring to see a man that is so devoted to reaching the Ati.

Coach Clod took us on a walk into the Ati tribe in the mountains where we were welcomed by the chieftain. Coach Clod then took us to a waterfall to eat our lunch. Many moods were lifted as we spent an hour of epic fun climbing out and jumping in. After our swim, we went back to the village to help with the feeding program and to play some basketball. The Ati had a home court advantage knowing where the potholes where and how the concrete back board would rebound saw our Aussie team go down… We finished our time with helping dish out the food; this is an undertaking that First Love does every Sunday and has done for the last three years. We managed to tie and create a heap of balloon animals in a very short space of time.

Re-tracing our steps saw us on the ferry as the sun was setting and arriving back at the Vista for a well-earned shower. It was driven home to us just how hard life is for some people as Amy took pity on us and served fruit with dinner as most of us could not face another meal of Lagaw. We all felt a little embarrassed that we were choosing to go without the Lagaw whilst so many others nearby do not have that option or luxury.

Missing everyone at home heaps…

Love, Alex the Buttonater, Jazmin the Flash & Mr Norman

7 thoughts on “Day 8 – Live like a local

  1. Great photos guys! At school we think of you often and pray for your adventures. Loving the lyrical prose!

  2. Look foward to the daily updates and photos. its a real highlight of my day to see all of your happy faces. You are on the home stretch and can’t wait to see you H and J, only 3 more sleeps. You have all done an amazing job and as a parent could not be prouder. BIG thanks to the teachers and volunteers that have travelled with you and taken such good care of you. See you all soon xx

    1. Love your comments Lisa,well said.Looks like the whole adventure was amazing.Looking forward to seeing them home.

  3. Love the photos! Obviously a great trip with a great bunch of students and staff. Allow every experience to embrace you. We are all missing you people back home :(…

  4. Hi everyone,
    You are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your photos, it helps us knowing that you are all doing ok and helps us to join in your adventures. What an adventure you are having and a great blessing you are being to others.
    Enjoy each moment, take care of each other, rest when you can and be blessed thia week.
    We are praying for you all.

    Mrs Louwen

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