Day 8

We woke up this morning to go to breakfast (most of us, some people like Zac only got up when we all wanted to leave) It was nice to get a real breakfast after having not much yesterday. We then went on the local ‘His Life Church’ where almost all of us were surprised by the extreme volume of the music. The service was focussed on ‘giving’, which was a coincident for us as the topic was very relevant. Then we had lunch; which involved pasta (which everyone enjoyed as a break from rice) as well as some chicken where the cooks were pretty close to mastering the secret KFC recipe.

We then went to the community of Purok Bangkal. Emotions already flaring (it was the last time we would see the community) the children greeted us at the entrance. We then had a small worship session, followed by us handing out food packages that we had brought for the community. This was followed by us making balloons for the kids as something we could leave behind in the short term. While all this was going on we spent our last hours taking photos, as the emotions rose we took out minds of it by playing volleyball. Teams combined with equally unskilled players! The road to the bus home felt like it would take a lifetime – there was emotion on both sides.

When we got home we had a quick swim before we rode to dinner on trikes (a motorbike attached to a sidecar that can hold 4 Aussies or 8 Filipinos due to the love of spacial efficiency. We then had dinner; which included a real salad (which was well overdue for most of us) as well as some barbequed pork. This was what everyone other than me (Wytse) had. I challenged myself to the Balut (A fertile duck egg) challenge, where I tried to beat the SCEA record of 27 eggs. After 12 eggs I started struggling against my stomach, after many long minutes of slowly moving along I finally got to 23, and everyone around me was singing karaoke to push me on and I just made it over the line. I FELT TERRIBLE!!!!!

We then went home to the hotel, had a discussion/reflection and slowly proceeded to bed one by one

Wytse & Brandon

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