Saying goodbye

Coming off our Lugaw day breakfast was hard to digest this morning, Amy and her staff once again laid on a spread fit for a king, omelettes, cinnabons, bananas, pancakes and mangoes, apart from yesterday we certainly have not been deprived of good food.  We donned our painting clothes for one more stint, most of them can stand on their own at the moment and you can only be thankful that our photos do not reflect the smell.

The ferry across to Panay was beautiful and we all wanted to jump into the water, arriving in Panay we journeyed up to the Ati tribe. We were blown away with their hospitality again, we helped with feeding the students and sorted the packs of supplies that we brought into a range of different backpacks and Red Cross cadet bags. Once again we showed off our balloon tying and bubble making skills which was received with much joy and laughter.

Chenoah was able to hand over the laptops that her company (Datacom) donated, it was so great to see the gratefulness of the teachers, going from not having any laptops to having very high spec laptops. We also gave out the Holdsworth bags which is great that the school can teach their girls about feminine hygiene.

The choir sang ‘Whispering Hope’ which brought a lump to most of our throats, they also sang a group of Christmas songs. The students had made thank-you cards for all of us which made leaving a bitter sweet moment. We had been with them for such a short time yet we felt like we were leaving our family. At debrief tonight we reflected on the impact that this group has had on us and our sadness at leaving them.

Crown Regency Convention Centre welcomed us with true Australian/Filipino hospitality with the head administrator being from Sydney. They gave us a tour of their aquarium and we sat down to watch a mermaid show which was pretty cool; Alex B may now be married to a mermaid as the international sign for (mermaid) love is touching hands through glass. We then got treated to the wave pool and a couple of us got to go on the wave rider which was awesome to watch.

We split after dinner and the men got haircuts and shaves and some of the ladies got their hair washed and braided whilst others headed off for a fish spa, this sure does give a new meaning to “swimming with the fishes” that was an experience most of us will never forget. Alex decided to have his hair styled by Jake, interesting and different are two words that most of used as a result. To Mr. and Mrs. Button we unreservedly apologise and please remember the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks J

See you’s all soon…

Love Hannah the hulk and Mr. Norman.

7 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Awesome post guys! Thanks for sharing your memories and pictures with us all! Missing you all and your regular visits to the office. Its so awesome to see you all embracing so many exciting adventures…still many great memories to be made 🙂 Have fun!! You have made us all very proud!

  2. I continue to enjoy watching your progress and reading your blog. It has been encouraging to watch you take on the challenges presented and I know you have all grown and stretched so much in your time away.
    Loving seeing past graduates continue to be an important part of the program. A big shout out to Chen for your hard work and dedication.
    Safe travels home to you all. Pleased to see Mr Norman find a barber and get a shave. 😄
    God Bless

  3. It has been great to watch the trip unfold not long untill you’re all home and start to notice the massive difrence between the two countries!!

    See you soon Chenoah!! Xxx

  4. Enjoy your last day. You have all had a life changing experience. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Thank you very much to all the staff and volunteers for all you care and hard work and giving up your own families for our children. Looking forward to seeing you Ben and Daniel xxx safe journey home.

  5. An awesome experience for all concerned. It is great to see such wonderful things happening with young people. Well done. Will you come back as a mermaid Daniel? they looked cute! and Ben I hope you managed to resist getting in for a swim with them.

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