Day 9 – Return to Bacolod

Today we left Cabacungan with a heavy heart. As we traveled back to Bacolod we spoke about memories created and the experiences shared. Students appreciated the scenery of the mountains and volcano. After we arrived in Bacolod we had lunch and made our way to HIS Life Church and School. We were blessed with the opportunity to serve the children with singing, dancing and some balloon animals. After making our way back to the hotel we got some time to rest, some of us enjoyed the hot afternoon and took a dive in the pool. Everyone exchanged stories about their respective experiences as we joined up with Swan again.

This evening we were treated to a wonderful sit down dinner at HIS Life Church and School. We watched performances by local students and teachers as they walked us through their rich culture with a play, traditional dancing and some original Christmas carols.

Casey gave a presentation at the celebration dinner about our experiences and summed up our time in Cabacungan exceptionally well.As the night came to a close, we gave praise to God and headed back to the hotel for much needed rest before tomorrow’s big day.

April Madureira, Lewis Williams and Josh Heath

5 thoughts on “Day 9 – Return to Bacolod

  1. Very proud of you all. I have been so happy to read the blog each night and look at the photos. It has offered a glimpse of your journey, not the same as being there, but it has given such a positive and encouraging view of what you have done. Enjoy your time back in Bacolod.

  2. We are all very proud of you. It looks like the trip has had a major impact on all of you. Enjoy what remains of the trip. God bless.

  3. It’s great you enjoyed your time at the village and have made lifelong memories and connected with the people you came into contact with, enjoy the rest of your time in the Philippines, we look forward to the nightly blogs and photos.

  4. Wow, how fantastic. Very proud of you all. Nice to hear from some former students, still doing ECC proud! =)

  5. though I know you’ve all had an amazing time and probably don’t want to leave so soon, I’m excited to have you back! God bless you all on your last day there 🙂 xxx

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