Day 9

After an absolutely crazy night, Bing Bam Boom… One thing led to another… and we woke up with multiple, dodgy, tattoos all over.

Up first, breakfast was on the horizon. It was so sad to say goodbye to our wonderful chefs and the almighty karaoke machine. After our stomachs were filled, we loaded onto the bus and headed back for Bacolod. If you haven’t already lost all interest, what I said at the start was obviously a joke. During our bus ride back to Bacolod, the amazing ‘Boom-Slang’ (Mrs Thyer) gave us all fake tattoos. Once we arrived in Bacolod we met up with the “Elenbrooki`eens” and as everyone usually does at 12:00, we went out for lunch at the local City Mall.

Ronnie D.

Today was an awesome day filled with laughter and happiness. Everybody loved seeing the other students from Ellenbrook we had met and spent time with on the first couple of days of our mission trip. It was nice being able to share our experiences we had had in the communities we visited and helped. Today was a very laid back day as it mostly consisted of bus rides, eating food and chatting, although we did visit a school. ‘His Life Academy’ school was fantastic, we had the opportunity to go into a small classroom of 8-12 children per class and teach them about many different things for around an hour. We then went back to our hotel freshened up after a dip in the pool and headed back to ‘His Life Academy’ where they performed beautiful dances and songs. Overall today was a great day and was lovely seeing everyone again. God bless you all.

Dominique R.

Dear Parents,

If you would like to send a message to your child please go to the trip blog and click on the comment section of today’s blog.

Due to internet connection issues, we will try upload photos tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. It has been fabulous to be able to read about (and see pictures) all the good work you have all been doing.

    We are looking forward to hearing Daniel’s tales of his experiences when he gets home on Thursday. We will have a special dinner ready for you – chicken on a stick 😁

    Rod and Sue Griffin

  2. I have to say that I have been so impressed by your endless energy, enthusiasm, dedication and love you have shown over the last 10 days. I am sure you have received as much from those you have met, as you have given. May you look back on this time as not only a time of personal growth, but as a reminder of the type of people you would wish to be surrounded by, and to have in your life. Well done to you all, and I hope these last couple of days will be rewarding for you as well.

    Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces soon 🙂

    Robyn Donnison

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