Day 10 – Bye, Bye, Boracay

Is there anything better than bacon in the morning? Bacon and egg rolls possibly, another hearty breakfast saw us ready to face a morning at Jubilee school another First Love Ministry. Once again we were welcomed with open arms as the school assembled and sang songs of greeting. We were all presented with gifts of bracelets/mangles which all went well until they tried to get on onto Mr Beacham’s hand…

Above the school was another two levels under reconstruction, after a fire on Christmas day last year. The fact that the building is still standing is testament To Bong the engineer for First Love’s projects, the whole building is built to withstand a category 10 earthquake which is super impressive.  We got to help with a concrete pour on the fourth level which was awesome fun, why would you need wheelbarrows when you have the SHCC crew on hand… Our concreting was reminiscent of our painting efforts though, as a liberal coating was applied to most of us. That would have been fine except we needed to visit the BIG A again. Looking slightly worse for wear we turned up and got to say goodbye to Sir Wardy and Mam Tumoab the school principal. Whilst we said our goodbyes, we also presented laptops and school blazers.

After a quick pit stop at the Vista for showers we donned the swimsuits again to be taken out on an island hopping tour guided by Coach Clod, once again his effervescent and energetic vibe got everyone energised for a snorkelling adventure. Coach Clod knew all the cool spots, he also dove down and got some sea urchins and prepared them for some brave souls to try. The snorkelling was epic, we discovered, caves, ledges to jump off and some amazing fish.

The night was capped off with an early dinner with the staff from Vista, we have been humbled with the way they have served us so graciously, and nothing has been too much trouble as they have done everything to make our stay as comfortable as possible even during Lugaw day.  We cannot thank the Vista crew enough led by Sir Dan and Tita Amy they have made the trip very memorable.

We are currently packing getting ready to begin the process of coming home at a very, very, very early start tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon, please pray for our safe travels and for rest as much as we can on our way back…

Love Chenoah & Normsy

  1. Love to all of our families xx

One thought on “Day 10 – Bye, Bye, Boracay

  1. Wow, what an amazing day!
    We are indeed praying that you will all regain your strength and get the rest that you need to make a smooth trip home. Refreshing days like this one will have helped.
    Take care
    Mrs Louwen

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