Day 10 – The Final Day

Can I say… on behalf of the staff, how much of a pleasure this trip has been. Touring the Philippines with such a great bunch of kids (young adults) was not just fun, but absolutely rewarding.

We had a massive day of R&R!

It begun at an unearthly hour… with the filming of Good Morning Bacolod; starring the SCEA team, with a particularly big shout out to our TV superstar – Holly Simeoni, who shone for the team, looking like a seasoned professional.

We headed home for breakfast, before heading off to Mambukal hot springs. Despite the strong odour of Sulfur, it was truly relaxing, the piping hot water of the bathing pool and then the cool flow of the river when one needed to cool off. Once again, the troop loved a good adventure, exploring up the river for the perfect spot to relax.

We ate a pretty tasty pizza lunch (although i was secretly hoping for another chicken inasal meal before we left) and headed off to massages, haircuts and a bit of good old primping.

We headed into the major mall in Bacolod for a snack and a shop. There were definitely a few donuts demolished over the hour or two we were there. A couple of latte’s later, we were entertained by the Lord Mayor with a dance and dinner in the city hall.

Finally we headed home for a debrief and some logistical conversations before sending the kids up to pack and hit the hay before tomorrow’s 3:15am start.

It’s 11:16 as i write this; I can still hear the quiet bumbling of students packing their bags . This will be the final post for 2016 Swan L2L. Greg, Rachel and myself are so proud of your kids, we pray that the things they have seen will deeply impact their futures.

Thankyou for priviledge of their company by entrusting them to our care, they have made the trip a phenomenal success.

Just a heads up, expect their re-entry to be potentially difficult, they will be extremely tired and the things they have seen and experienced could make life a little complex over the next week or even months. Please take the time to chat with them about the things they have seen and done, use the blog as a reference point if you are not sure where to start.

Also, here are the flight arrival details just in case, so you can be waiting with cuddles ready for your kids (I know the boys particularly want public kisses from their mums!).

Thurs 1st December – SQ225 Singapore – Perth Arriving 5:25


Dave Pitman (and Greg and Rach)

Again, due to internet issues, we wont have photos tonight. They will be made available for the kids when we are back in Perth.

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  1. A big thank you to all the wonderful Teachers for giving up their time and families to accompany our precious children on this amazing trip. Have a good trip home and we shall see you all bright and early at the airport.

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