Day 11 – Our Final day

Day 11

So the last day and we had to wake up at 4.30am. Jack Oldfield and Holly from Swan were to be interviewed on The Morning Show which is National TV to an audience of 5 million. The rest of us were the studio audience and had a sneak peak at stardom. From there we had breakfast at the hotel and were recognised from the show, much to the students delight.

After breakfast we left the hotel for the rese of the day. Our first stop was Mambucal where we spent a couple of hours in the hot springs and swimming pool. We enjoyed a pizza lunch – as a taste of western food.

The afternoon was a time to be pampered. The boys could have massages, a shave and/or a haircut, whilst the girls had manicures, pedicures, hair treatments and/or facials. We all looked a million dollars.

After a bit of shopping at the mall, we attended a banquet served at the Mayor’s Council Chambers.

A band played a range of favourite songs so everyone enjoyed the dancing.

The mayor gave a farewell speech and blessed our journey home. He hopes that we will return to Bacolod next year.

We returned to the hotel for a debrief and then got packing. We leave at 3.30am tomorrow morning for a day in Manila.

This will be our last blog and we appreciate all the comments, they truly uplifted the spirits of the students during our trip.

John Taylor

PS. our flight details for our flight to Perth are:

Singapore Airlines – SQ 225 arriving Thursday at 5:25am

Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

12 thoughts on “Day 11 – Our Final day

  1. What an exciting day ☺️ As you prepare for the final journey home, think of all the moments that you have had on this trip and hold them in your hearts. They are memories to last a lifetime. Your loved ones long to see you return and we also understand that you are leaving behind events and people that you will treasure. See you all soon ☺️

  2. We have enjoyed reading the daily bloggs and seeing the photos. Hope you all had an amazing time and a big thankyou to the teachers and organisers for the opportunity. Safe travels home and god bless xxx

  3. What a wonderful way to finish up your incredible trip.Once again thanks to all the Teachers, you are all truly amazing.

  4. Amazing. As I sit here in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I think back on all the adventures I have had and how EVERY single one of them left me with amazing memories and awesome friendships. It has only been through these adventures that I have succeeded in knowing myself and finding myself. I hope you all have found out something about yourself too. I have absolutely loved “coming along” on your trip through your daily blog entries. I have found myself being in total awe of all of you. So many people would not be brave enough to take on the adventure you all did. It is a credit to you and speaks volumes of your characters. Well done. Cherish the memories.

  5. Great photos – good to see you enjoying your ‘down’ time. It was well deserved! Safe travels and see you bright and early tomorrow. xx

  6. What a lovely way to end your time away with a r’n’r day. You have all been a credit to your parents, the school and Australia in the way you have conducted yourselves while you have been away. A big thank you to the teachers for thi
    eir time and effort in organising such an amazing trip.

  7. Delighted to see that everyone is healthy and in good spirits. We’ve enjoyed watching your adventure unfold. Treasure your memories! Safe home!

  8. Thank you for visiting our country, Aussie friends! Have a blessed flight guys. See you soonest! I will miss reading your awesome blogs. xoxo

  9. Have loved getting up each morning to read and look at all the picture, it’s has been an a amazing trip for you all. Have a safe flight home see you in the morning….

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