Leavers2Leaders 2016 Safely Returns Home!

The travelling group arrived home this morning around 5:30am at Perth Airport.

All students were in high spirits and happy to be reunited with parents and loved ones who had set their alarm clocks early to get to the airport for the early pickup time!

This ends the formal part of the trip for 2016.

A special thankyou to all parents who contributed to the blog over the last two weeks and the teachers who gave of their time and their hearts during the trip – its 24/7 for the group leaders when they are in the Phillipines and they really are the best team of professionals to work with on such a rewarding endeavour.

We hope that all students will take something special away from the trip – new relationships with their respective communities, an appreciation for how other people live, or even just what chicken tastes like in another country!



This last photo was taken yesterday at the personal residence of the Honourable Amanda Gorely, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines with the Ambassador’s staff and officials from DFAT and SmartTraveller.

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