The Reconnaissance Team Are Beginning Their Work Already !!

The 2017 trip will be the largest trip to date – and the goals of the trip grow each year as we reach more communities and become more ambitious about what can be achieved in the Philippines through our local church leaders on the ground and the support of people in SCEA schools and the local community.

In the region of Sagay, their project is already beginning. We aim to turn a boggy and impassable mud track into a road by the end of our Leavers2Leaders trip this year. Thanks to a large amount of fundraising from Australia, the engineer has already begun his work in clearing the road and beginning the excavation process.

Our Project Director Pastor Gary Visitacion has liaised with the City of Sagay to provide heavy machinery for the exacavation of the road. He is tireless in his work behind the scenes with local government officials and community leaders to reach the best outcome for the young children of this community.

Our Swan students will be digging the road and are on a tight schedule to complete the job on time. Led by the workmanlike presence of Mr David Pitman and the brute strength of Mr Greg Beacham, the team is sure to work hard every day to complete the task. No doubt it will be Mrs Rachel Thyer who will be leading by example, grabbing the first shovel and letting the team know how important his work is for the community.

This is a great example of how Christians across the globe can work together in harmony, complementing each other’s strengths and sharing together culturally in this experience.

Please pray for the group of 80 tripgoers who leave Perth late on the 21st of November after their exams. It will be a memorable experience for their 12 days, and they are taking part in life-changing experiences for Filipino children through their fundraising and hard work.


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