Flight Night – Wed 22nd Nov

After almost missing our interconnecting flight to Bacolod and flying through the early morning hours, our excitement for the trip could not be dimmed. Currently storming in the Philippines, with humidity at 1000%, our excitement is STILL thriving.


After leaving the Bacolod airport, we travelled in party buses to a small street restaurant called the ‘Chicken House’, where we bulked up on chicky hormones. It was delicious and it was served on a stick (the only way to eat chicken).

We then arrived at the luxurious ‘Nature’s Village’ – practically a mansion. Our luggage was unceremoniously thrown off the roof of the bus by our mate boi boi.  We were all a little surprised they were still there.

After a quick Kumbaya as a group, exchanging our darkest secrets… its time for bed.

“Our rooms are dope as bro” – Georgia

(this serves as evidence of the level of tiredness that exists amongst the group).


31 students and staff still accounted for, all tired but well.




Georgia Radley and Amy Sharpe

12 thoughts on “Flight Night – Wed 22nd Nov

  1. Lovely to hear you arrived
    Safely, look forward to seeing more posts from you all ..
    Maybe some pics …
    Have fun guys 😊

  2. Thanks for the update Amy! Hope everyone is having an amazing time 🙂
    Cannot wait to hear all about it 🙂 Take your time away Aimez, I’ve already started a Pinterest board on how I plan to redecorate your bedroom.
    Miss you already! Be so safe please, I’m not in the right headspace right now to go all ‘Taken’ Liam Neeson style on anyone who crosses you.
    Love you Little One,
    Candy xx

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