Day 2 – Tabao and VMA – Nov 23rd

Woke up to da ring ring of our telephone, a wonderful start to a soon to be fantastic day. Buffet Brekkie was great, including the quirky sweet potato juice, not bad just weird. Had chicken n rice. Early bus trip to Tabao.

THE SMELL HIT US FIRST, OH THE SMELL, IT WAS AN ASSULT ON THE SENSES. It was a fish market. Of course, the entire community was there to greet us, even though we just looked like incompetent tourists, sweating, applying thick layers of sunscreen and vast amounts of sanitiser.

Our first set of activities were:
-making detergent
– scaling, cutting and gutting the fish (with a surprising lack of participation from the vegans)
– making fabric softener
– making soap

These were all eye opening experiences, especially for the locals who watched with glee as they witnessed the ‘prowess’ of Western Society.

Lunch, chicken and rice (AMEN), was enjoyed whilst watching a “candle dance” with some rice cups and oil, although I felt sorry for the kid who kept spilling it on himself.

We moved on into a crammed room the size of only 4 traditional wooden weaving machines, where we were shown by the professional women how to make scarfs thread by thread. And then we made a fool of ourselves, wrecking their beautiful creations by struggling to sit in the little people sized machines.

Then came the greatest part of the day, making balloon animals and pipe cleaner wrist bands for the kids who crowded around us, all with happy smiles, this as well as handing out packets of food to the community was a fulfilling experience and an indicator to why we are on this trip.

We then took a bus trip to the VMA Training Center where our true abilities shone, by fighting fire and learning water survival techniques, including a 3m compact jump. We were greeted by local students, each of us partnered up with one of them, having time to share life and situational experiences with each other. We had chicken and rice for dinner, yummy yum yum, and another dance from some surprisingly good students. With our partners Johnny boy and Reuven showing us some sik (not a spelling error pitman) moves.

We finished off the day with a relaxing devotio

n/debrief and left to go sleep spirits high and eager for what is to come

This insight into our trip brought to you by

Mitchos and Minotti


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  2. WOW. Hopefully the jump in the water cleared out the fish from your sinuses.
    Enjoy the dinner this evening.

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