Ellenbrook Day 2 – Fish, Fun and Fire

Today was our first day to experience and understand the Filipino culture. We began our day with the classic Filipino breakfast- rice and eggs. Our first destination of the day was Tabao – a fishing village. We spent the majority of the day here immersing ourselves in their culture. The first round of activities included making fabric conditioner, detergent packets and gutting fish. All of these items are sold regularly in markets to raise money for the community. We also got to see some performances from a local dance group, who allowed us to join in and give it a go.

After lunch, we visited some of the villagers’ houses and learned more about their lifestyle. One lady, Cecilia, was 67 years old and was living in the same house since birth. She had 6 children with them all living fairly close by. She has been running a coffee shop outside the front of her house for nearly 50 years in order to support her and her family. Once we had visited a few houses we gave out food bags to the families in the community and then entertained the children with balloons, pipe-cleaners and bubbles. They were very excited and continued to ask for balloons until they couldn’t carry any more. Then we entertained the little kids with a game of duck-duck-goose (padom-padom-mnuk)- the community loved it with giggles and screams everywhere.

We said our goodbyes to the community of Tabao and headed to the VMA (Visayas Maritime Academy). Here we learned some survival techniques in the water and on land. In the water activity, we jumped off a platform into a fresh water pool (very refreshing after a long day in the heat) and then did some survival formations in the pool- everyone had a lot of fun! On land, we put on full fire-fighting suits and learned the techniques to battle a fire. We met a buddy and learned about their time at the Marine academy and we joined them for dinner. After dinner, we saw a performance from their local dance group. We then joined them for a bit of a dance and celebrations. After many selfies, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our accommodation.

Lucky for us, the pool was open and we were allowed to debrief in the pool as a group to relax after a tiring day. This was a time to share about what we faced today. We are having early night as we are travelling to Cabacungan tomorrow morning!

Alissa and Alannah

Replying to comments…

Milli- I gutted a fish for the cat

Everyone – Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts we appreciate your support


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  1. AWWW the memories, I hope you guys are having a blast on behalf of me, take every opportunity and don’t hold back because you’ll make the best memories (btw Hannah angry reacts because we’ve lost our snapchat streak, ahaha), I’ll be checking the blog every day xx

  2. So many smiling, happy faces! Sounds like you had an amazing Day 2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and may you all stay safe on your journey to Cabacungan.

  3. Enjoy travelling to Cabacungan today, hope it’s not too bumpy 😁 Loving the photo’s and stories which we eagerly look forward to seeing each day.

    (Montana, I hope you appreciate how long it took me to write this message and be sure not to embarrass you. Can’t say it will last long. Ooooops I just did didn’t I? Oh well, what the heck…. Love ya xx)

  4. Wow, what a full on day! Love the photos, live the smiles. Xxx
    Milli that gutted fish might be a bit smelly by the time you get home… wouldn’t want to be sharing a room with you! Xxx 😘

  5. Looks great, guys! Our year 10 PC have been enjoying your updates (which we are reading during PC) and wish you all the best. Don’t let the teachers get out of being in photos… Mrs Kelava, Mrs Ford, Mr Taylor! We want to see them!!!

  6. You look like you are still all fresh & alert..long may that last. Am loving my daily updates. Prayers from BCS xx

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