Southern Hills Crew, Day 1: Planes and Boats

So our trip started off saying goodbye to our families around 11pm and waiting to depart, growing ever so tired. We boarded our first flight at 1am and settled in for the 5 hour trek. Some fell asleep others weren’t so lucky. We had a nice early 4:30am breakfast meal on the first flight with option of omelet or chicken stir fry. We landed at Changi airport and we where hurried off too the ambassadors lounge for a two hour rest and recovery. There was a buffet style breakfast where the wedges were the standout along with amazing sunflower garden over looking the airport. We were able to explore the garden which let us have a sneak peak at what the weather will be like. After 2 hours of resting we where back on the horizontal escalators back to our gate. We got through more security and onto our second plane. After waiting over 1 hour to take of due to some difficulties we where off on our last flight for the day. When we arrived in Manila we said goodbye to the other schools and went of to customs. After which we waited quite a while for our bus and then a further 1 hour just to get out of traffic of the airport we where finally on our way to the boat! But as mr Beacham said, time is relative in the Phillipines so we all enjoyed looking at the sights of Manila. We were fascinated by the fact the sun basically disappeared by 5:30pm. After our 2-3 hour bus ride we arrived at the boat port where we went through further security. Dinner consisted of shopping at 7/11 where choices were limited but we all happily enjoyed a range of pringles, Oreos, ice cream and donuts for dinner. We then lugged our luggage onto the boat past the security dogs and found our cabins. We settled into our cabins and met upstairs for the a quick group meeting and better dinner before heading off to bed for everyone to attempt to sleep properly for the first time this trip.

From Sarah L, Bianca H, Georgina P and Tanika M.

11 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew, Day 1: Planes and Boats

  1. Hi amigos,
    Im glad you all arrived safely. Nice post! I bet you’re all glad to get some sleep and the dinner sounded bombastic. Enjoy the sights and will keep missing you

  2. Glad to hear that you have arrived in Manilla safely, hopefully you all got some sleep on the boat and were charged up ready for your busy day today. Enjoy all the new experiences. xx

  3. Lovely to hear that you all arrived safely. Everyone will probably sleep better tonight.Regards Elizabeth Cartwright

  4. Glad to hear you have all arrived safely. Hope you all got some sleep on the boat. Have an awesome time and enjoy. Ben and Daniel very proud of you both and just so you don’t look for it you left your sun screen at home.

  5. Looking forward to all your posts of your adventures, stay safe, good luck with the challenges that you know you will face, love the Hirjee family xx

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