Southern Hills Crew, Day 2: First Encounter

This morning we woke up at 6:15 am on our boat which we travelled on. After we walked through rain, took a bus and took a boat, we finally arrived at Boracay!!! We received an amazing welcome from Dan Beaver and we made it to our Vista. After having a wonderful breakfast of pancake and settling in, we made our way to our first destination: Global Academy. it was our first real interaction with the children and it was awesome. We all split into groups and got to teach the children some Australian animals and even danced, played basketball and sang with them. After having an amazing meal brought to us from out staff at the Vista, we made our way to our next destination: The Masa Ati community. We were greeted to an cultural Ati welcoming song and dance in our language. After trying the refrshing coconuts, and watching a cultural dance and stiry about their history, we were split into groups and got to work. Some of us learned how to play bastketball (we were beaten..), did some cleaning, tutoring and played and interacted with the kids. It was so refreshing to see how happy the kids were with simply running around, playing duck duck goose and reciveing baloon animals. After a coupe hour of that, we walked to the feeding program. There we listened to some religious stories and songs and made balloon animals for the kids. After that, we made our way back to our Vista, showered and walked to our dinner. We saw a lot of interesting things on our way including fire dancers, fireworks and people getting tattoos on the streets. We had an amazing Thanks giving dinner at the Nu Nu kitchen which inclluded Turkey, Glazed ham, rabbit stew and ice-cream and pancakes. We were so full of food and so grateful to Beth for welcoming us. After dinner, we walked along the beach and headed back to our Vista. From there, we had our debrief and got to know each other a lot better. We are now headed to bed after a long and amazing day πŸ™‚


By Jazmin B, Keegan N and Josh W PS: We are alright mums, dads,  siblings and grandparants πŸ™‚ xo

Boat ride to Boracay πŸ™‚


Our amazing greeting sign made by Dan Beaver! πŸ™‚
Our view of our vista πŸ™‚
Our view from our balcony πŸ™‚ (which can only hold 5+ at a time + Sarah #3)


We observed one of the classes at BIG A


Yera 11’s getting smashed in basketball



Bree getting interviewed



The outrigger we take between Borocay and Caticlan



Making our way to the Vista



Meeting the Ati Community



Their song and dance about their ways of getting food (Hunting and Farming)
Us and the kids getting taught Biblical stories.

The restaurant we had dinner at.

5 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew, Day 2: First Encounter

  1. Sounds amazing guys, so glad you’re settling in. As soon as I started reading I’m like Jazz wrote this #genius. I’ll try not to be offended I was not thanked haha. You’ll have to teach me all the stories and songs when you get back so pay attention! Enjoy the pancakes and ice cream Bree! Bonding is good but dont do too much without me! The kids sound great, i know they’ll love you. The photos were brilliant, keep up the good work Xxxxxx

  2. Thanks to Jazmin B.Keegan N.& Josh W.for your great post information & pics..
    Glad you are enjoying your trip.Stay safe.
    Love,Joy & Les B. xxxx

  3. Thank-you for the great information and photos. How are you doing Jennifer make sure you take your Medicination. It looks like your meeting some pretty amazing people,they certainly seem to be very kind and so pleased that you have all come to give them some help. Take care everyone.

  4. Hi guys, so glad Mrs.Tidy logged me on the blog! The pics took me right back to last year ….great pics β˜† and so good to know you are getting right into the culture again (for some of you) and receiving those beautiful smiles and gratitude in return. What a blessing each of you are ! Ben …you are a champion with just being there. Take care everyone and you are all in my prayers each day. You’re in very good hands with Mr Beacham and Mr Puzey :)) love and blessings.xx

  5. Heya!!! Can’t believe how much you all jammed packed into a day, thanks for the post and the pics, they are great. Hey Trevin, can’t believe you year 11’s got smashed in basketball hehehe, you will have to show them AFL, the real footy game and see who comes out on top πŸ˜‰ Keep making friendships, having fun and stay safe. Trevin we are so proud of you and your peers. Look forward to your next post…….

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