Southern Hills Crew Day 4: Reboot Day

This morning we started our day off with french toast and bacon and breakfast. We then took the morning ferry to the Ati school where they held their version of a sport carnival. There we all joined in; teaching them Australian netball, then continuing by playing basketball and volleyball. Throughout the day Trevin, Jamie and Mr. Puzey stayed to help put together window frames. We also had leaders walking around with a camera taking both digital and Polaroid pictures for the children and students as keepsakes.  The children really enjoyed the Polaroid pictures and were eager to show them to everyone.


After having a rewarding but exhausting experience at the Ati school, we caught the ferry back to Boracay. We then walked from the port to the Global School. Here we had a delicious lunch consisting of chicken and rice. Then we continued the work from the day before, painting the stage wall, pillars, rock wall, garden edges and curbing. We also continued on with our work of varnishing the bamboo blinds and staining some wooden beams and staircases.  We were joined by eager school workers who helped a lot and were willing to go the extra mile to give us equipment and a helping hand whenever we needed.

After painting we drove back to the villa where we quickly got changed and ready for our  first and much anticipated swim on the Island. The water was beautiful, crystal clear and refreshing. Using the GoPro we took heaps of funny photos and videos as a group. Mr Beacham, Jacob and Yerby boys carried on tradition with an on-the shoulder war. Sadly after 45 minutes of a great swim we had to get out, get changed and ready for dinner.


At dinner we were all surprised with burgers and burritos. It was another delicious meal. After dinner the boys and girls were split up and surprised with a hair treatment for the boys and massages for the girls. After an hour or so the boys joined the massage parlour and the girls went back to the villa for debrief and the making of a bible story to present to the Arti children at the church service tomorrow.

Trevin’s Twin 🙂


When the boy’s got their hair done, Trevin and Jaime adorned their Mullets with blonde tips.  


Created by Lorien, Nadia and Astrid.

P.s To our families- Love you all, thinking of you. We know you’re all having a great time without us 🙂

– Love Lorien and Astrid xx


5 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew Day 4: Reboot Day

  1. Day 4 blog was excellent.Enjoyed hearing all your news.It’s great that you have some relaxing times after all your chores.
    Thanks Lorien & Astrid.
    Love to Hannah &

  2. Hey everyone! Great blog and pics…Trevin! Hilarious!

    It all looks wonderful, and while while you are being a blessing you’re being blessed. Awesome.

    Thanks Astrid and Lorien; so great to hear from you both.

    Astrid, just because the place is so much quieter without you, we wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re having a great time without you. Especially sooky-psycho Ninja. She’s taken to sleeping in Dad’s drawer’s since you’ve been gone.

    Much love and prayers xxx

  3. Sounds like you’re all keeping busy, but it must have been nice to have a break. Keep up the hard work! Swimming sounds great. Hope you enjoyed the massages and hair treatments! Photos were great 🙂

  4. Thank-you for the great information and photos. It was nice to be able to have a swim. Did you get your hair done Jennifer or have the massage. I think your Dad seems a bit lost without you. Glad everyone seems happy take care. Love Grandma & Grandad.

  5. What a fantastic experience you all are having, thanks for another great update, you sure are busy!!
    Trevin I like your twin hehehehe, how did you like your hair treatment? Getting time to be pampered also, what a bonus!!
    Just an update from home, we had Thanksgiving last night with the usual crew, Aidan and Tariq said to say hi and are missing you. Zibby is walking around lost, keeps going to your room. Also, dad and I have started painting the house again where we left off, the kitchen is looking great!!
    Keep up the good work SHCC, so very proud of you all and the hard work that you are doing.

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